Clown sightings in Winston-Salem were fabricated: Do you think this fabricated story was drug related?

  • Yes, sounds like the plot to a Stephen King novel!

    they were fake. They all have been so far. Out of all the "sightings" reported, not one of them has been real.
    It's almost like somebody is remaking a popular horror movie involving clowns and some folks decided to do some marketing for it. Sounds like the plot to a Stephen King novel!

  • Yes, it probably was.

    People who see things that aren't there are usually under the influence of something. While I do not know much of the details if the clown sightings, It is quite possible that there is a drug related situation going on that is being covered up by the fabricated clown sightings.

  • Yes, I think this story was drug related.

    Yes, I think this story was drug related. I don't think someone would come up with a clown story if they were in the right state of mind. He was probably high on drugs and thought he saw clowns. He Probably went to the authorities because he legitimately believed there were clowns.

  • No, I don't

    I think the sightings in Winston-Salem were either part of an elaborate performance art piece or were some sort of prank. Is it possible that the people who did these things were taking drugs? Maybe, but I don't believe that why they did them. I think it was for some other reason.

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