• Colin Powell is right about Clinton

    Colin Powell is right about Clinton, but could not be any more wrong about Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton is a hideous liar who will do anything to get elected. She is part of the establishment and problem that the American public clearly wants to change direction from. Donald Trump represents America's best home at the moment.

  • Yes, he is right about Trump and Clinton.

    Yes, he is right about Trump and Clinton because he knows them both personally. Trump is a huge disgrace to our country. Since Powell spoke directly to Clinton about her email server, only he can be the judge. We should take him at his word, especially since he thought these emails were private.

  • Yes, Colin Powell is right about Trump and Clinton.

    Recent email leaks have revealed Powell's veiled scrutiny of the 2016 presidential candidates. From someone who has been largely silent on the current campaign, it is interesting to hear his opinions on both Trump and Clinton. Powell mentioned his distrust in both candidates, expressing his discouragement in the face of unsophisticated media work, mudslinging, and gauche-to-criminal acts of disparagement. He is absolutely justified. Clandestine operations for self-interest showcase a dark, avaricious nature in Trump and Clinton, a nature fit perhaps for a politician, but not for a leader.

  • Colin Powell is only half right

    Colin Powell is not completely right in the opinions he expressed about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. He is correct that a Trump presidency would be a disaster. He is not right about Clinton being arrogant. Her State Department colleagues along with those she served with in the Senate have never expressed that opinion. In fact, she was known for working with political opponents in order to pass legislation.

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