College football playoffs: Is a college football playoffs fair?

  • A proper playoff system is better than the current BCS system

    In the current version of college football, a computer program ranks the top teams and at the end of the season the 2 teams the computer think are the best get into the BCS bowl. A proper playoff system allowing a number of top teams to compete to be #1 seems proper.

  • Fairer yes,, but only practical with limits

    Yes, fairer than the current system when it comes to championships and rankings. The question is How far do you go; how many teams? As a Bama fan, I certainly would have liked to have had a playoff this year. That being said, I don't think the BCS was that bad either. Even the old bowl system with multiple, and often conflicting, polls had its own special charm. It was great for the sports debaters of the world, On the playoff, the more teams the fairer, but I don't see how more than 5-6 teams are practical. Always going to be conflict though, only difference is whether arguing over who's 2 or over who's 6.

  • It helps get noticed.

    You need to see more teams in a playoff, it can help smaller schools get noticed way more easily, and it also helps to see who is the BEST overall team, and can matchup against anyone. My pick in a playoff right now would resolve between Oregon, Michigan State, Alabama, or Auburn.

  • 11 College Footbal Divisions - 5 Round Playoff

    No, the current system is absolutely 'unfair'. I am a Bama fan, but, the reality is that the playoff system should take all the division champions into the mix. There are 11 divisions, so there should be 'at least' with one wildcard champion, based on statistics. A FIVE round playoff would result in a 'TRUE' national champion.

  • On any given Saturday

    NCAAF is the only sport with out a true champion. There are so many variables in sports. How many times in other sports do we see the last seed crowned champion? In NCAAF Cinderella teams are not given a chance. Let all the champions of their respective conference's compete and there will be no argument.

  • No, big conferences only win

    It's not fair because the sec, acc, big 12, PAC 12, and big 10 automatically have the playoff spots with one champion being left out. All the other schools of college football get left out as well no matter how good they are. For example, UCF should have been a playoff team if they had a playoff last year, but would not have been included. Instead they should have the 5 major conference champions get in plus the highest ranked team outside of one of the power conferences. That would include all the conferences plus a good underdog team.

  • College Football Playoffs are Not Fair

    A college football playoff is not fair because a playoff with eight teams gives a weaker team more of an opportunity to beat a team that was stronger during the regular season. Some will argue that is makes the regular season less enjoyable and actually cheapens it. Regular season records wouldn't matter anymore and that is unfair.

  • The College Playoffs Don’t Crown the Real Champions

    As Sooners Coach Bob Stoops points out, the way teams are chosen for the playoffs is biased. Antiquated rules keep successful teams out of the contest, and let in teams with inferior records. It would make more sense to let the teams with the best records play, no matter where they played. Selection should also adjust for the opponents particular teams faced. How can the playoffs be fair if the best teams don’t get to play?

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