Columbus police officer hospitalized after glass found in sandwich: Do you think it was a deliberate attempt to harm the officer?

  • Likely to be intentional

    The fact that a Colombus Police Office found a piece of glass in his sandwich is, given the current social climate, likely to have been due to an intentional act. Actions such as these set back the genuine concerns of the black lives matter movement significantly and are not helpful at all.

  • Yes, this was a deliberate attempt to harm the officer.

    The Columbus police officer hospitalized after eating a sandwich with glass found in it was likely the victim of a deliberate attempt to harm him. There has been a spike in recent violence and threatening language toward law enforcement. Therefore, it is likely that this was a deliberate attack meant to harm the police officer.

  • No, it was a unintentional mistake.

    The restaurant that sold the sandwich may have put the glass in the sandwich without knowing bearing in mind that they deal with glass utensils. The recent attacks on police officers is what people may try link the incidence with, but we should not go that road. It was a life threatening mistake but not intentional.

  • No, it was not.

    Glass could have gotten into the sandwich by accident. Ground glass is not a great way to try and harm someone on purpose because most people will detect it before they can eat it. If it was on purpose it was likely a very personal attempt and had little to do with officers in general.

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