Comedy Central cancelled Larry Wilmore's Late-Night Show. Did the network give it a fair shake?

  • Yes, the network gave the Wilmore show a fair shake

    The Larry Wilmore Late-Night Show was on television for 18 months and that is adequate time for the Comedy Central network to access the attraction of its fan base and the show's future potential. Some comedy acts have a short life span. And there are so many other political comedy shows hitting the same material that competition for viewers takes over.

  • Comedy Central cancels Larry Wilmore's 'The Nightly Show'

    Larry Wilmore's Comedy Central show was not bringing in the ratings or the social metrics needed to maintain an audience. While any show host would be disappointed to have their show taken off the air, it was a business decision made by a network known for taking risks. Comedy Central is right to maintain the balance between entertainment and ratings.

  • No, they could have waiting longer.

    It takes about two years for a new business to either sink or swim. The same should apply to television shows. I feel that they pulled the plug on it prematurely. Networks should at least give a show two seasons to make an impact. Many poor shows have lasted for decades in the past. I wonder why they are so trigger happy now. It seems to me that Mr. Wilmore wanted to cover the election badly, but someone didn't want him to.

  • No, it did not.

    Comedy Central did not invest enough advertising power into Larry Witmore's Late-Night Talk show. They also added insult to injury by pulling the show before a planned major event called the Unblackening, which would have covered the end of Obama's presidency and would have given the show the ratings boost it needed to stay on the air.

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