Commonwealth of Nations: Should the Commonwealth be abolished?

  • Because of curry

    I believe the commonwealth games should be abolished because of curry. Curry provides Good nutritional value and if the Commonwealth games are on they are screened on television which reduces the amount of time for curry advertisements. That reduces the amount of people able to eat curry because they don't know the price. India has the resources to support the commonwealth and their economy is great. We should allow Delhi to host the Commonwealth as it helps them to do well on school.

  • It's boring as hell.

    To be the best, you have to beat the best, competing against ourselves isn't gonna get there. Wanna be the best 100m sprinter, beat Usain Bolt, and the worst part is that most of the events are not televised which is wrong, I think I've said my opinion and thank you reading this for no reason.

  • Dont remove the carnival

    Getting rid of the commonwealth games is like removing school athletics carnivals and just sending the students straight to verse other schools. The commonwealth games is our athletics carnival!
    We need to find the best of the best! We need to compete against ourselves before sending people to verse the world!

  • No, the games benefit everyone

    The Commonwealth games are beneficial for all participating countries. All the countries involved share history together, and it is a great way for the countries of the Commonwealth to communicate, as the games have the unique advantage of all countries being able to converse in one language. It unites us, and is great for tourism for the host country.

  • No, communicatons are good.

    No, the Commonwealth of Nations should not be abolished, because anytime the people from different nations can come together to work together and communicate, it is a positive thing. It is important that governments gets together to discuss ways they can work together, and ways they can iron out differences. The Commonwealth of Nations is a positive group of 53 nations that meets to work together.

  • No, the commonwealth is good for everyone

    The Commonwealth of Nations was formerly known as the British Commonwealth. This a group of nations that work together and that have a common heritage. The commonwealth should not be abolished as it simply a group of nations working together for the common good of the citizens. The cCommon wealth is a good thing for everyone.

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