Computer voices are mostly female: Is male-bias increasing in the world?

  • Male bias continues to grow

    It is not politically correct to ridicule, insult, or make fun of women in any way, but perfectly acceptable to show bias against men. Men have been in a dominant position for all of human history. They are being punished today for wrongs committed by people who were alive long before they were born.

  • Yes, male-bias is increasing in the world.

    Male-bias seems to be increasing in the world. Much of this bias is due to the rise of a politically correct culture. Society is afraid of offending anyone so they use gender neutral pronounces, even when such pronouns are not grammatically correct. Likewise, computer developers are afraid of offending consumers, so they tend to create female computer voices.

  • How is this male bias?

    High demand for feminine computer voice is profiteering voice actresses, so it's not male bias. Besides, It boils down to people's choices and preferences.

    CNN news is not the reliable source when it comes to an issue of discrimination because we've seen many examples of media bias favoring liberalism, feminism, SJW, political correction and stupidity.

  • Oh noooo this is terrible!!

    Not robots having feminine voices! This is the worse thing that could ever happen in history.
    Who cares? Are you fishing for things to be mad about? I never thought anything of it and I'm a boy.

    It'd be wrong if they had a boy and everyone went "What?! A male??"
    Is it racist that black people tend to really good on music charts despite being a minority in most countries? Seriously guys.

  • Male bias is not increasing

    Male bias is not increasing worldwide. In fact, it is decreasing. We no longer automatically use the pronoun "he." There are also top women executives, and a female running for president as the nominee of a major party. Once, males demanded the recall of a female voice on a navigation system. Today, it is accepted.

  • No, male-bias is not increasing.

    No, male-bias is not increasing. The fact that computer voices are mostly female may have more to do with the soothing quality of a female's voice than some kind of bias against men. Men have long been in charge both politically in the United States and across the world; maybe it is time for more females to be given a chance.

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