Consumers and EMTs resort to syringes for severe allergies: Should EpiPens be cheaper, so more people can afford them?

  • Medical necessities should be readily available

    Medical tools such as EpiPens should not be priced in such a way as to make them cost prohibitive. Access to basic, lifesaving medical care should be the exclusive domain of the wealthy. Syringes are not as effective or as convenient as an EpiPen, and can't be carried around the same way, rendering them a far inferior option.

  • Yes I agree

    Consumers and EMTs resort to syringes for severe allergies. EpiPens should be cheaper, so more people can afford them. It is grotesquely unfair that we still live in a society based around money. People born into wealth seem to have more benefits than other people, even though we are all born the same way.

  • EpiPens are lifesaving and should become more accessible

    Individuals with allergies suffer many things but perhaps the most severe is lack of access to treatment. One of the most immediate ways to alleviate a severe allergic reaction is the EpiPen. Unfortunately, these are often expensive, which limits the number of people who can use them. EpiPens should therefore be cheaper so that more individuals have access to this lifesaving tool.

  • EpiPens need to be cheaper

    With medical device technology increasing it only makes sense that the prices continue to rise as well. Although this makes sense everything possible to make these device, like EpiPens, more available for the general public. Everyone can't afford highly expensive devices so lives are being lost due to these individuals lacking resources.

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