Cornea cells successfully grown and implanted: will all organs be replaceable like this one day?

  • Yes, espcially with today's technology.

    Of course all organs will be replaceable like this in the future. Technology is getting better and better everyday. These doctors prescribe us medicine that kill our organs and soon we are going to be running to them to replace what they destroyed. It's all for money. Soon they'll be able to sell us new bodies. The system is corrupt.

  • Yes, sometime in the future.

    Yes, organ replacement will one day be a viable future procedure. However, this technology will likely not be fully working until far in the future. Corneas are relatively simply constructed and small compared to other bodily organs. This is an important first step on the road to replaceable organs that our descendants can look forward to.

  • Technology is incredible

    Yes, there will likely be a time when science finds a way to grow and replace many if not all organs in the body. It is amazing to see the technological advances we are able to make. It is scary, though that we might be able to entirely create a human body.

  • Organ growth and transplant is complex

    Human organs are more complex than many other living organisms that can be grown in mass numbers and harvested. Unlike vegetables and fruit to the plant that produces them, human organs have a symbiotic relationship with the rest of the human body that is not fully understood. Some can be grown in a lab, others can't.

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