Corporal punishment of adults: Is physical force a justifiable method of punishing criminals?

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  • Corporal punishment is not an effective method.

    Very few countries left in the world still use corporal punishment. Hurting someone as a punishment can be just as bad of a crime as the act that they committed. It is barbaric, and there are other more effective ways of preventing and treating crime and criminals. Corporal punishment is a step backwards in our society.

  • No, physical force is not a justifiable method of punishing criminals.

    Physical force as punishment on adult offenders would be much more likely to increase their violent behaviors upon their release. If they have no ability to be released, then why bother punishing them with physical force? Another way to look at it is, who would be enforcing this physical force? Would this not in turn create a violent corrections force? How would they go from brutalizing a prisoner to being normal after an eight hour shift?

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