Cosmetic surgery: Should cosmetic surgery be banned?

  • Is it the real you?

    I see a lot of people disagreeing about banning this. Really, have you even thought about it? Once you walk into that surgery room, you are no longer YOU. You get that surgery and you have completely changed, You are no longer the beautiful you that your mother once gave birth to you. It isn't right. Everyone is beautiful, in their own way. People need to respect that!

  • Do you know how DANGEROUS this is?!

    Everyone knows that any type of surgery has a chance of death. It's a bad thing to do if it isn't for your health like regular surgery with organs and such. I mean come on, it's like trying to kill yourself with no significant improvement. It's definitely a bad thing to do, like committing suicide , except there is a chance that you will live.

  • Cosmetic surgery is just TOO dangerous

    Cosmetic surgery is a surgery that doesn't improve one's health but only change their appearance.
    Cosmetic surgery is too dangerous. In my country, 36 people died during this surgery in five years. And damaged over 400 person's face causing inflammations that never stops producing pus.
    What's more deadly is that most people don't realize it. The name 'cosmetic' itself shows that people think it's easy and often done.
    This surgery isn't useful enough for people to take so much risk. Only 60% succeeds. And for the people who feel less confident because of it, they should be treated with some decent mental therapy.

  • It is fake

    Getting plastic surgery is fake. It is putting plastic inside you.
    You could have bad plastic surgery. You might want to make your face look better but you could lose some feeling in your face. Plastic is polluting so why do people spend all that money on something that is fake, that is polluting and is dangerous.

  • If you can afford it then why not!

    If you can afford cosmetic surgery then why not. It can really change person appearance, which would lead to better self esteem. Some people feel depressed sometimes due to their appearances which leads to complicated life style. There has been so much researched behind cosmetic surgeries it can only help someone for the good.

  • No, I don't believe that cosmetic surgery should be banned.

    In my opinion cosmetic surgery can be used in a number of ways to improve the quality of life for many people. A lot of the people who undergo these kinds of surgeries may have suffered from car accidents or a number of other accidents that can cause damage to a person's face or head. Banning cosmetic surgery could hurt a lot of people.

  • No, cosmetic surgery helps people who need it.

    No, cosmetic surgery should not be banned, because it helps people who have been injured, or who have deformities. Science, including cosmetic surgery, can do a lot to help these people feel normal and participate in society. There are some people who abuse the availability of cosmetic surgery, and this should be discouraged. But the people who really want and need cosmetic surgery should have it available to them.

  • The benefits outweigh the risks

    While it's true that cosmetic surgery has it's negatives--it can be addictive in extreme cases, and it seems to be an unnecessary risk of life--I think the overall benefits outweigh the special-case risks. Cosmetic surgery, done correctly and responsibly, can add a lot of joy to someone's quality of life, and there is a lot of value in that. Doctors should show discernment when choosing their patients, and all reasonably medical precautions taken, but anyone who does not like cosmetic surgery can choose not to have it.

  • Cosmetic surgery should not be banned

    Does it effect your life if someone has cosmetic surgery i do not think so, they could have serious birth deformities and also may want it because of a savior accident changes. This can help people in life, who are you to take away that right from them. Its their life is it not?

  • Can be used for good purposes.

    Many kids born in under privileged countries have cleft palettes, and need to have cosmetic surgery to fix it. Others are born with facial deformities, and id cosmetic surgery is banned, they will be like that for the rest of their life. Accidents can also change your appearance, so banning cosmetic surgery would stop people from looking like themselves, which is completely contradicting people who say "it makes you not yourself". I mean seriously, you are arguing to ban something that is HELPING millions of people look like themselves.

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