Cost of EpiPen continues to rise, which is putting a burden on people with allergies. Should drug prices be regulated?

  • Because EpiPen prices are rising, and it's a life or death issue, the drug prices should be regulated to protect the consumer.

    With the prices of EpiPens now days, the consumers cant afford these drugs that support the choice of the chance of living. Because of the high price of this drug, the companies are making money they dont actually need. If it where a diffrent case i would say yes increase the price. But if i where to choose the decion of gaing more money than peoople lives the i would choose to save lives.
    - Price too high
    - Companies making too much money
    - Life or death
    - People can't afford it
    - Costs of changing health insurance plans

  • Yes, should prices should be regulated.

    Because the cost of EpiPen continues to rise and the demand for Epipen also contines to rise, drug prices should be regulated. The EpiPen is essential in the life of an allergist It could be a decision between life and death for them. Drug prices should be regulated so that all who need it will be able to get it. It is also something that should be covered by insurance.

  • Drug Prices Need to Be Regulated

    Drug companies continue to gouge their customers with exorbitant prices. Pharmaceutical companies are some of the most rich and powerful entities on the planet, and could easily afford to lower their prices on their products, but greed has so far prevented them from doing so. Forcing people that suffer from serious, possibly fatal ailments to pay ridiculous amounts for their medication is simply unconscionable.

  • Yes, it's wrong for companies to be able to profit from medication.

    For-profit businesses should not be involved in medicine. It's completely wrong that these companies are able to profit off of people's health. The worst part about it is that these companies make more money if people are unhealthy, so it benefits them if their products don't work properly. Therefore, they have an incentive to keep people healthy in the long term.

  • Let drug prices take care of themselves!

    While it is unsettling to hear that epipen prices are rising, the market should be allowed to correct itself. Eventually one of the vendors will bring the price down if people are not buying them. The same thing happened with contact lenses a few years ago - the prices skyrocketed, and eventually they came back down again, because one or two vendors decided to come down. Supply and demand will take care of this.

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