Could a Google search bug that omitted key Presidential canidates have affected the outcome of the election?

  • Yes, it could have.

    Depending on when the Google Search bug occurred and which Presidential canidates it omitted, it could have effected the outcome of the election. If some people did not know that certain canidates were still running they might not have voted for canidates that they otherwise supported. Technology could have an effect this way.

  • A Google search will not affect the election.

    A Google search bug that omitted certain presidential candidates will not impact the outcome of the election. The major candidates already have high name recognition, and most people will vote for one of the two major candidates running for the office. It is embarrassing for Google, but in the end, it will not make a difference.

  • No, the candidates got enough visibility from other sources.

    No, a Google search bug eliminating names of Presidential candidates did not affect the outcome of the election. The bug was caught early enough that it had no lasting impact on the election. Also, whatever bias the bug may have created was balanced by biases in other sources. For example, Bernie Sanders and his staff ran a highly successful grassroots campaign which gained significant attention in rallies, social media and mainstream news. Also, while a Harvard study showed that news networks tended to give Bernie Sanders less time, they also portrayed his candidacy more positively than that of Hillary Clinton. Clinton's negative treatment by the news media balanced out any search term bias that would have favored her campaign.

  • Highly unlikely to have played a big enough part.

    People make up their minds about many things in life over time. It very rarely takes one Google search and you have up your mind, especially on big topics which require in-depth thinking. However it would have had a small impact therefore it is not acceptable, but did it affect the outcome? Highly unlikely not.

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