• Of course it is...

    In the dying days of the Cold War, former US president Ronald Reagan famously labeled the Soviet Union “the evil empire.”

    Not everybody conceded this point to the affable Republican leader; indeed, some – mostly from the Left of the political spectrum – argued that the United States was acting in a far more sinister manner behind the scenes of the global stage. Whatever the case may be, the dichotomy inherent in the historic showdown between the United States and the USSR gave the global community something that it conspicuously lacks today: balance.

    The United States, the world's truly global superpower, is currently bankrolling a trillion-dollar military-industrial complex that has wrapped its steel tentacles around the entire earth. The scale of this military reach is unprecedented and dwarfs the total real estate of the former Roman, Greek and Mongol empires combined.

    The United States operates and/or controls between 700 and 800 military bases in 63 countries, which are home to some 255,000 military personnel worldwide, he added. Perhaps only McDonald's has more franchises worldwide.

    During the Cold War, there were two large set of footprints trampling across the globe, and the owners of those boots – due largely to the nuclear deterrent – took care not to venture too far beyond their immediate neighborhoods. Today, in contrast, there is just one set of heavy boots trampling across the planet and they belong to the United States. Increasingly, this does not seem to be a desirable situation.

    Although it would be a mistake to automatically connect “big” with “bad,” history has demonstrated on numerous occasions the negative effects of ultimate power on the minds and hearts of those who possess it. Thus, the excessive belief in America’s “exceptionalism” may have the deleterious effect of allowing the people – that is, when they give such matters their undivided attention – to condone less-than-exceptional behavior on the part of their leaders.

    A brief look at some truly “un-American” episodes over the past decade may lead to the belief that the United States needs to check into a 12-step recovery plan for superstates drunk on power. Due to space limitations, I will focus on what must certainly be the darkest moment in America’s history: the opening of Guantanamo Bay detention camp. It would not be an exaggeration to say that on this barren corner of communist Cuba, America lost its mind.

    We are not simply talking about locking up hundreds of “illegal enemy combatants” without recourse to the protection provided by the Geneva Convention. That would have been bad enough.

    Personally, the image that is impossible to shake off is that of Guantanamo detainees kneeling in the hot Caribbean sun in flame-glow garb, while wearing sensory deprivation devices. For those not familiar with the latest in sadistic sportswear, the detainees were forced to wear thick mittens, blindfolds, ear muffs, hats and even face masks to cut off any sort of olfactory sensations that may have been blowing on the Caribbean breeze.

  • Yes it could and it is

    The US have committed terrible crimes upon the world since the fall of the last counterbalance to its strengths fell, the Soviet Union. From many unjustified wars to endless drone strikes, the US is one of the most destructive nations in the world and although recently China can be called a Superpower, they have not had a true threat against them since the Soviet Union fell.

  • Massive, widespread impact and self-serving, financially considered, decisions.

    Aside from the fact that anything could be considered 'evil', American decisions probably have the widest-reaching impact. Whenever this has negative results on people, that decision, and the people behind it, can be considered 'evil'. As well as this, many decisions made by the American government and corporations are made solely for American financial benefit. Examples of this are endless, such as the many overseas wars. Two things that do spring to mind are the whole business of lobbying (which, in fairness, is not unique to America) and how widespread it is , and the USA's refusal to sign the Kyoto protocol (which would have significantly lowered America's environmental impact) due to the effect that it would have on petrol prices in America.

  • Corrupt politicians in office

    Cheating lying avoiding duty many of our politicians are the reason America could be considered evil examples are Bengazi where the men were ignored and had to hold out for thirteen hours while our government did nothing to help the agents and because no help came the ambassador and Bengazi became a failed state and a base for Isis because or secretary decided her sleep was more important than those men's lives

  • What a strong belief you have whoever made this opinion.

    There is nothing wrong with having a strong military force. You may call us the police of the world because we always support our alliances. This is debate.Org not ExpressYourFeelings.Com so if you don't have any actual facts then you have no right to talk so negative about my country. The USA is a powerhouse, we've fought for that title since Columbus found America. We're home of the brave, where our people are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in, that is why you are free to practice whatever religion you want here.

  • America is controlled by people, it is not itself A living being nor will it ever be, it is just concept which works for everyone.

    The point of the pro-side of this is quite appealing to me however it is generalizing America as A sentient being, that can think and act on it's own will if I'm interpreting it correctly and that is what I believe many uninformed people believe today. The people controlling the vision of America, are people much like ourselves; however they choose to be far more corrupt and selfish than the rest of us. As for wealthy CEO's they will buy A vote so long as it keeps them rich and their company prosperous which in all reality is what many people would want to do, is to remain wealthy. Thus they make decisions that effect A widespread sort of people. Which is why Mcdonalds has spread, not to bring fat food to all the countries in the world but to bring the highest members of the business A wealthy paycheck and in all honesty their doing nothing wrong earning money. However the way they spend that money is what makes the world turn, and is all that has made the world turn along with Religion. However the American laws dictate that we are to have all the freedoms granted to us, and for the most part we are. Do we have differing concepts about how we should do things? Yes of course, that is how A democracy works, everyone should voice their opinion and should be educated enough to understand if they've been cheated or not by an far more sly person. The notion that America as itself is evil is invalid, however the people that run the country and those with enough money to make an impact in an empty wallet will choose how this world changes. However the voices of millions of people can help change, because if their are no people to govern; how does A country work? It does not of course, so people need to voice their opinion if they want to change this "Evil" Country from going down the hole any further than it already has. This country guarantees rights and protection that no other country in the world could possibly guarantee, at the cost of some of our own expenses we are guaranteed social services, and if you find flaws in society you need to properly go about the system and shine light on the "Evil" and put it in the light like a sore thumb for everyone to see and formulate an opinion on and help for unanimous change

  • It is sometimes but it shouldn't be

    Americans aren't all evil because some of their representatives are, take a look at the approval numbers for congress and tell me that we're happy with the way they conduct themselves. We have been responsible for some deplorable things over the years but typically they were with great protest from the people, we are not evil.

  • Umm.Aren't all countries have evil people?

    American as a people, are good. Greed is the biggest part of this countries identity. I think greed clouds peoples minds which causes them to do "evil" things. But it is up to American citizens to speak out when we see the people we elect, do things that are not in the best interest of it's people. The same people that they swear to protect and defend against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. That's patriotism. Standing up for the country that you love. Not letting a handful of people run it into the ground.

    "Also, America is not evil, we just push some other countries around"
    Really? Push countries around? We bomb and kill them. Thats not "pushing countries arouund."

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