• Yes, it can.

    Humans have no need for government anymore. We are, as I say, "big boys and girls." Anarchy means "no rulers." People do not need rulers. Government is a weed, and the best way to stop government from spreading is to kill it at the source. Government spreads, and it will always overgrow.

  • Actually there times this proved true. However it depended on the type of people involved and why

    Various small group like micro-nations would form "democracies" to decide on big decisions but apart from that they live in what we would call anarchy- not to mention that in the bible human had no government in the early part of genesis, and in the book of judges isreal only gather under one banner when they were under attack. However those circumstances came about because the former allowed a more interpersonal level of reasoning , while in isreal case they had some moral code they all agreed with.

  • Anarchy can work

    Anarchy can work. Now a lot of people arguments against it are 1) murder, stealing, and violence will prevail 2) people aren't capable of thinking for themselves 3) small stronger minority will always take control of the weaker. All of those challenges can be crushed by just a shift in human perspective. It will take work but can be done. We all need to realize how much better that type of society can be. Any type of government is controlling and takes more for itself. They call themselves public servants but it's really the people who are serving them. Solutions: 1) we need to realize that we need not murder each other, that's it's not worth taking another beings life over some petty dispute, material objects, resources. 2) realize that we are stronger than ever and that there are no wrong decisions really. It's just the labels we put on them and the ruling class setting limits. We can do anything we want if we just educate ourselves on all the possibilities and push ourselves towards it. 3) the stronger people need to realize that the petty Felix satisfaction from controlling the weak is not worth it. The strong should help the weak and inspire them to be stronger. Now I know that the major aspect of human psychology (or any species really) is driven only for self-profit, but we also need to understand that helping each other and working together will result to be more profitable and infuse them with a sense of being part of a great community rather than hogging all the resources and sitting on top of them like a king while all the people bow down to you for some food. This is not a sign of a strong person this is a sign of a deep rooted weakness and insecurity. It can all definitely work, but it first off it doesn't need a shift in societal structure it needs a shift in our consciousness and perspective, the rest will follow. It takes time and effort to change so much within so many people but if we got this far by exploiting our people and planets resources then we can definitely create a free society with every human being having the same amount of autonomy as everyone else. We call ourselves the most intelligent species on the planet (if not the universe) yet we can't recognize the imaginary illusion of our sovereign government that they have bestowed upon us. The public school system won't work in educating anyone about this, (they do an amazing job of keeping people ignorant) read, watch documentaries, consume all types of information out there. Knowledge is freedom, first thing we need to do is change perspective, perspective can't be changed if the knowledge is limited. Therefore education of all people should be the primary focus for anarchy to work.

  • Anarchy is amazing

    Because I said so and because i AM AWESOME. MY GRAAMEER isnt very good and my caps lock IsSnsT wWOWRKING i AM a ABait special but that sS sbAECAUSE dONALD TRUMP WILL SOON BECOME zPrISEDENT. LOl this was one bigh trool and i am awexsomes so just remember ~trump for lifedrfhijwfcq

  • Anarchy is amazing

    Because I said so and because i AM AWESOME. MY GRAAMEER isnt very good and my caps lock IsSnsT wWOWRKING i AM a ABait special but that sS sbAECAUSE dONALD TRUMP WILL SOON BECOME zPrISEDENT. LOl this was one bigh trool and i am awexsomes so just remember ~trump for lifedrfhijwfcq

  • In small communities

    Anarchy wouldn't mean living alone but living in a small close community. Everyone plays apart and works together. Free trade from community to community. Only problem is like proper healthcare. Overall I would feel it would do the poor good and also the environment good to. Id like to see it

  • It Has and Will Again

    Here is some history:
    Lex mercatoria
    Neutral Moresnet
    Republic of Cospaia
    Jericho, Harappa, and Catalhoyuk
    Threat Management
    Medieval Lodges
    Fraternity Societies
    William Penn's Pennsylvania (Quacker settlement)
    All of the above mentioned are examples of anarchic countries or services that have or presently do exist. Those who have no imagination can not see Anarchy working, just as those deeply rooted in theology can not see a chaotic universe coming into existence.

  • Ignorance is believing anarchy would not work!

    The stupid arguments for government are totally irrational!
    What you people are saying is that the majority are too dumb, irresponsible or selfish to govern themselves but a minority of self serving sociopaths can decide what's best for the majority of us!
    These sociopaths are not even being chosen by the majority but by an aristocracy who then use disasters or attacks by individuals to impose wars on innocent individuals and remove freedoms from the rest of us! Those that are afraid to self govern themselves are cowards so own up to your own fears!!!

  • Yes but a huge shift in social perspective is required.

    Under the current system anarchy would descend into chaos because society at present is profit driven and depends hugely on government rule. Strip away that mindset and it could work. Remember, our species survived an ice age without religion, government or taxes. We did it by community cooperation and adabtibilty.

  • Anarchy is freedom.

    Anarchy gives individuals the right to express themselves in everything they do. The society in which the anarchy thrives will decide if an individual is incapable of taking their own life into their own hands. The society will take control over the people that find challenge in controlling their own abilities to sustain the life they have been given. Example being: A rapist takes a toll on a poor little girls life, the society will take care of this disease to their free society.

  • Anarchy is another way of saying insanity.

    Anarchy would not work because anarchists would rise into a select group of people ruling over the anarchy, meaning yes, there would be a government after a while. However, because of anarchy meaning ¨a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority¨, it would mean that many people would die in the process.

  • Anarchy is really a figment of people's imagination that can never really exist.

    There will always be someone or a group 'calling the shots' so to speak, similarly to a government. You can't not have some kind of ruling government system, someone's opinion/authority will always matter more than someone else's. People will always have differing opinions on how society should function which will result in authoritative clashes. Even the self-proclaimed anarchist group that says 'lets all work together to come to a reasonable conclusion' will in a subtle way be saying, 'listen to me, I know what is best' making himself/herself into a kind of government. There must be government and policy (hopefully a good kind) that will establish some stability and accountability in society.

  • It doesn't matter how advanced a society is.

    It doesn't matter how advanced a society is unless you put conditioning chips in every single person which in itself is a violation of free will then anarchy is impossible because there will always be someone who wants more than someone else and go to any means to get it. It's a wonderful concept, everyone gets along and no one thinks they are better than anyone else and no one should rule over another but ultimately anarchy would cause the strong and cruel people to take power against those who have weaknesses for their own gain. You give humans to much credit if you think anarchy can work, we evolved from animals and that's what we still are.

  • It could not work

    For anarchy to work their would have to be an immediate dissolution of power back to all people, everywhere, simultaneously in every country. To avoid one country overpowering the remains of another.

    Then you would need a sustained willful effort, amongst everyone to not concentrate power again. The concentrating of power is one of a few natural commonalities amongst all people, throughout time, always. The stronger the concentration of power is, the longer it lasts and the greater it's influence in the realm becomes. Which leads to the eventual formation of government and expansion.

    Even in a basic family model, there is a natural order of parents holding control over the freedom of children. When commerce begins men will come under the employ of other men for a myriad of reasons forming yet again a concentration of authority which will lead to the eventual growth of government.

    In conclusion,
    Anarchy is the complete natural state of man, but the complete unnatural state of men.

  • The few people

    A few people would just cause a massive amount of violence. Sure in theory its perfect and peaceful, but in reality it would just be crazy. I i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i

  • Anarchy makes things worse

    Anarchy invites outside enemies to invade or invites others to from a government from within. There really is no point in trying to have no government since that is practically impossible and incapable of happening . Anarchy is just an ideology that sounds good but becomes a nightmare when put to practice

  • No way anarchy could work in countries

    It is far too idealistic to think that anarchy would ever work at all. People form government to avoid the state of nature highlighted by philosophers in the 1600s. John Locke and etc. Otherwise it would be chaos, people would steal, loot, murder for resources that are not provided by the government. Humans are driven by self interest largely, anarchy movement is just a result of frustration at the government.

  • Humans form governments

    Humans have a tendency to form defacto governments even when they do not provide labels for their organization or leadership. Any group creates leaders and followers; either through mutual agreement or by force. Even when the group looks to a person who is considered wise to make decisions that the group itself is having difficulty with it has created, in its simplest form, a government.

  • I can't see it working now.

    I don't see it working now. However I do believe in the far future it would be more possible. But realistically humans instincts may be it's end. However transhumanists might show us how to get a working model of it sometime.

    The future of science will either brake or make it but I'm honestly a anarchist who questions my own thoughts.

  • No, it won't

    The problem is that most people who describe anarchy are actually describing communism. On a small scale the idea of communism can and has worked. Most of the peoples native to North America practiced an economic system that can best be described as communism. Each person did a job and provided for the community and did not receive a currency payment for their services, rather they saw their action as a duty to the community. This sort of system is what most anarchists describe and it is not anarchy, its communism. Also the problem that we would face is the way to nationalize this form of society. It can work in the small scale of a single tribe or even in a regional community, but it could never work on a national scale.

    The problem with "anarchy" is that it is a transitional condition, not foundation of a society. To enforce the "No government" rule you would need some form of organization (A government) to stop governments from forming. Also the sorts of governments that would form would be very cruel despotic forms of governments, like the kind we saw during the french revolution. Anarchy is a bad idea and it can't and won't work.

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