• Right now, no. Eventually, yes.

    An extreme issue with previous communist systems that failed was the theory of communism in one country, specific to Leninism, Stalinism, and Maoism. A communist nation operating under this idea is doomed, for one reason. They face the malicious intents of a largely capitalist world. During the Cold War, for the most part, communist countries engaged in trade with other communist countries, which tended to be undeveloped/poor/weak resource wise (as socialist revolutions were most enticing to places in this position). Communist states were persecuted and shunned from international trade. The Soviet Union basically kept the second world afloat, and stemming from a combination of incompetent leadership, and their own rapidly depleting resources, they fell, and with them went most other socialist nations. What we can take from this is the realization that while earth is dominated by capitalism, communism cannot survive. The original Marxist theory, that a transition to communism must be worldwide, has been proven.
    Other than this, communism leaves nothing to be desired. The claim that communism causes a lack of incentive to excel is absurd, and one look at the amount of innovation that came out of Soviet Russia will show this. What capitalists love to call "lack of incentive" is simply a shift to purer incentives, other than greed (gasp!). Is this not possible? Is it not possible for one to draw his motivation from a passion for his field? Not while American culture is around, I'll tell you that much. But culture and humanity progress, as they have throughout all of recorded history. Capitalism was a product of this progression, as someday communism will be as well. Did the world see capitalism coming at the peak of feudal times? Doubt it. As the social conscience of our race evolves more and more with every passing day, countries will move toward the transition together as mixed economies grow more socialistic. As the common men across the world gain awareness, they will overthrow the plutocracy in a more or less synchronized fashion, eliminating the current problems that communist states face. This is the direction of humanity, whether the currently passive, brainwashed masses know it or not. At the end of the day, the people are in control, not the crony-capitalist plutocracy which they have been taught to accept.

  • Yes, but it depends on what you mean by the question.

    Communism is the main economic system which was used by humans for most of their 400,000 years on Earth. That said, it really only works well for small societies; that is, groups numbering around 100 individuals. When populations grow larger than that, pure communism becomes extremely strained. Communism in industrial situations can be catastrophic because quotas do not capture and transmit data nearly as effectively as markets.

    That said, societies with heavily communist elements can likely flourish in a modern world. An example is the recent resurgence of China as an economic superpower. People often call them communist, and to an extent this is true. They certainly have a lot of communism written into their internal policy. However, there is a large element of capitalism in their international policy, and only time will tell if this hybridization will maintain its momentum in the long term.

  • Of course it could

    It is a perfectly reasonable and logical form of government, it's just never been properly applied. As a Canadian, I lack that natural hate for communism, and understand its principles, because I grew up with a more open point of view. Americans seem to think its just when the government controls and owns everything, but that really isn't much different than things are with laws and taxes. In a properly functioning communist country every whose a citizen one shares the money equally. So as long as the economy is strong and the government is just. Communism is not at all a bad idea and could certainly work.

    If a little kid can do 2+2 don't blame math.

  • It wouldn't work

    In a small environment, like a tiny village in the 1400s, Communism would definitely work. Villagers all do their job to survive and prosper, and everyone benefits, but in a large environment, say, an ENTIRE country, the system would crumble. Communism relies on every one citizen doing their job, and at the end of the day, if everyone did good and the economy was up, all would prosper. The problem is all about incentive, why work hard if you knowing that if other people work harder, you'll get the same reward. In this day and age, Communism just doesn't work.

  • With one condition.

    The reason communism fails is due to the massive amounts of greed which the elitist group has and uses to effectively cause the fall of communism because communism is designed to give equality to all individuals. When this is not followed, it collapses. The only way communism could work would be if there was a board individuals who were given the power of a leader (the 1%) which could decide how to distribute the wealth evenly while those not given power (the 99%) would make known to the board if the wealth was not being distributed evenly. By no means are the 1% allowed to increase their own wealth without increasing the wealth of the other 99%. Should such an accusation of greed arise, be it within the 1% the board member in question will be removed and a new one will be instated. There is no need to send them to a prison for such actions, because equality would not be present if someone is below the equality line. The key to a functioning communistic society is a leader who replaceable and lives exactly the same as the rest of his or her people.

  • Only with extreme abundance; Think Star Trek Universe

    With enough abundance of resources and the mechanization of labor we could get to the point where we can abolish money let everyone live freely and comfortably and personal interest would be sufficient to get the small numbers of people to actually work that are needed.

    In fact that's basically the way Star Treks works.

    So maybe we'll get there in the future but in the meantime any attempt to create communism without a large amount of abundance and mechanization is going to be a disaster.

    When it works there won't even be any resistance because if we can suddenly have endless abundance and mechanization of labor then the rich stay rich even getting more wealth and everyone else gets to be rich too so it would require no sacrifices from the upper classes.

  • Communism (here the ultimate coal of Socialism) doesn not mean absolute equalism

    No society is or will ever bee completely equal. Absolute equality is not mandated by communism, eventhough most americans think so. In a Communist society income inequality is restricted but it still is there. There is a difference between different jobs and those working tougher jobs (mentally or fysically) are rewarded. However, it is rewarded in a more rational way, as no one will not be that much richer than the others. Thus the lack of competition and reward between different jobs doesnt destroy communism as an idea. It can work in societies where the consept of fairness is a common value!

  • Everyone will cooperate if they want a better place to live in.

    If everyone is fair and there is no racism and no sexuality, everyone would want to live there. They would have strict rules which everyone would follow. They would want to listen to the rules themselves because they would obviously want to live in a better place. They already kind of did it in Russia but Stalin came along and did everything he could in his power to stop it.

  • It could work.

    You would need to eliminate the oligarchy first. That will not be easy, however. The next step would to start transitioning into Socialism. That'll be easy as we've just eliminated the oligarchy. Once we have are Socialist we will need a dictatorship of the proletariat. That, too, is not that hard. Over the course of decades, maybe even centuries, the society must encourage other countries to join their cause by "liberating" them. We must also slowly implement our new work ethic and policies, as well as eliminate all religion. Once the world has converted to Socialism you can move to Communism. Once in Communism, you eliminate the state and money (classes have already been eliminated). So, yes, it can be done. However, it will take a while.

  • It could work.

    You would need to eliminate the oligarchy first. That will not be easy, however. The next step would to start transitioning into Socialism. That'll be easy as we've just eliminated the oligarchy. Once we have are Socialist we will need a dictatorship of the proletariat. That, too, is not that hard. Over the course of decades, maybe even centuries, the society must encourage other countries to join their cause by "liberating" them. We must also slowly implement our new work ethic and policies, as well as eliminate all religion. Once the world has converted to Socialism you can move to Communism. Once in Communism, you eliminate the state and money (classes have already been eliminated). So, yes, it can be done. However, it will take a while.

  • People like reward

    For communism to work every one would have to be the same, the same background, the same education, the same job type. If one of these were to change then people would feel that they should get more then another person. For example lets say person x who only went to no college and is a dump truck driver gets the same amount of money as person y who is a neurosurgeon who went to 8+ years of schooling. Now both jobs are important in society, however one of the persons worked more and should there for be rewarded for working harder. Another example is what a professor did, he took a class of students and told them no matter what your individual grade will be on a test, he would average them together and that would be the score they would get. The first test the people who tried hard got A's, and the people that didn't care got F's. This meant that the average grade of the class became a C. The people who worked hard did not see the point if they would only get a C, and the people who did not study were happy because they got a better grade then they thought they were going to get. This continued until ALL the students failed the class. As you can see people need reward and want to feel different they others. That is why if you asked an educated person in a communistic country (if you can find one) they would tell you that they would gladly move to a republic country like the USA of UK.

    Posted by: Rxan
  • There's no reason for Ambition

    Mailman goes to work everyday, and works for a few hours. Then he goes home to his family and relaxes. Mailman is happy.

    Coal Miner goes to work everyday, and works for 10 hours. Coal Miner goes home but is too tired to do anything but sleep. Coal Miner wants to quit his awful job, but can't, because the Nation needs coal, and can't afford him gone. Coal Miner eventually gets sick from breathing in the dusty mines, and gets reassigned to be a Mailman. Coal Miner is now Mailman, and is happy, but still sick, his lungs ruined forever.

    Scientist goes to work in the laboratory, trying to develop new energy sources so that the Nation does not need to rely so much on coal. Scientist develops an ingenious new power system for the Nation. Scientist is briefly applauded, but does not receive any bonuses or grants or prizes, because doing so would put Scientist above everyone else. Scientist no longer has anything to work for, because the research he has worked on for 20 years no longer needs him. Scientist has no money to fall back on, because he gets paid the same amount as everyone else, so Scientist gets a new job. Scientist is now Mailman, and although he appreciates his easy living, he feels unfulfilled.

    Soldier goes to work at the battlefield. Soldier is proud of the Nation, and fights honorably to defend his homeland. Soldier gets shot at the battlefront, and never returns home. Back in the nation, Soldier is not missed. No memorials are held in his honor, no one mourns his death. There can be no Heroes in the Nation, because everyone is equal. Soldier is just a piece of the Nation, and once he is gone, a new Soldier takes his place. Eventually the new Soldier survives, but is paralyzed, and sent home. Soldier is too broken and weak to work hard for the Nation anymore, but everyone in the Nation must do their part. Soldier is now Mailman, and has become disillusioned with the Nation.

    Politician goes to work at the capital. Politician is smart, he is hardworking, and he is ambitious. He knows better than to slog away in dirty coal mines or cramped office buildings. He works hard for the Nation, to keep it running and keep it powerful. Politician tries his best to be fair and judicious, but secretly he knows himself to be superior. How else could he become the Politician? One day Mailmen begin to arrive, and none are happy. Politician assures the Mailmen that the Nation will take care of them all, and that everyone must make sacrifices for the good of the Nation. But Mailmen refuse to listen to the Politician. He doesn't know. He isn't one of them. He is not equal. Politician is killed by the Mailmen. But the Mailmen do not know what to do once the Politician is gone. After all, they are just Mailmen. All of them.

  • Perfect equality doesn't exist.

    Perfect equality doesn't exist. People like to be rewarded for what they do. If someone goes to work early and finishes late, and another person shows up late and leaves early, I don't think they should get paid the same amount. It's ridiculous. People would stop working, because there is no incentive to work. If you're getting paid the same amount regardless, why work harder? There are many problems with communism.

  • Communism destroys incentive

    One underlying problem with Communism is a lack of incentives and extreme moral hazard. Why innovate if you don't get to reap the rewards? There may be some altruistic activities humans will still participate in regardless of monetary compensation, simply because we enjoy the activities. Teachers will still like to teach, writers will still like to write, doctors will still like to save lives, and so some people will do their best at these things regardless of the money. But who wants to spend their time doing mundane yet necessary things if you get paid the same by putting forth minimal effort?

    Another problem is of inefficient resource allocation. How many ipads should society produce? How much butter? How many T-Shirts? And by whom? Who is doing the best job of satisfying consumers? If the government plans this, it is bound to get lots of answers very wrong, and fail to give the people what they want. Price signals in capitalism provide much better answers.

    Since results of Communism are dramatically worse than those of Capitalism, most people will oppose it, making Communism nearly impossible to ever implement again. For any people unluck enough to try, they would find that it doesn't work well, especially on a national scale.

  • Communism leads to bureaucratic elitism

    In the same way that business and corporate elites tilt capitalist systems to favor them and their wealth in capitalist countries, in communist countries big governments keep far more money than they redistribute to the populace. This creates a class of bureaucratic elites who have authoritarian power to abuse the system.

  • In order for this to work people would need to be their best and all be efficient.

    People hate working really hard and getting a small paycheck. In a perfect communist society everyone is paid equally. If someone works twice as many hours or has three times the efficiency than anyone else they don't get paid more. This leads to a lack of desire to work, then governments would force them to work(USSR). And at that point all the people basically live under dictatorship. The government owns all the businesses so theres no competetion. Economy will be in shambles.

  • Selfish people will be selfish

    In a state like this with equal pay, it would be that a person that does work hard would be pad the same as someone that works a small amount. People can not be trusted. How do you end racism it is an idea that can not be taken away.

  • Try to imagine the actual practical process of establishing true communism ... It wouldn't work

    I'm just as much of a socialist as the next man but over the past few years I have been constantly trying to devise a way that true Communism could be achieved, even in a small society of, say, 1000 people. Marx's theory for the establishment of Communism was that a very small, very powerful government organize the whole deal and then when all is done, relinquish their power and melt back into the works of society and contribute their equal weight with everybody else. I am, perhaps foolishly, optimistic enough to believe that certain people would have almost no problem with this relinquishment of power but, (here's the catch) a system of being such as Communism fundamentally needs a governing body - this, of course, defeats the purpose of 'true' Communism. Think about a worker, named Barry, who will make sure he is doing his fair share? Even if Barry is driven by the 'pure' motives of Communist passion and love for his country and for the greater good, Barry is likely to start fights with other men, abuse his wife, bully his children and so on and so on ad nauseam. We need a policing system. But jails and law and policemen and prison guards start leaning a bit into the 1984 style of things. Anybody familiar with the Stanford Prison Experiment will know what terrible things perceived power can do to people. Even if we, as pure and good-hearted Communists, treat these policemen with no special treatment, even if they are recognised only as another worthy and beautiful role in society we cannot fight the demons that take over the brain of man when he perceives that he is powerful. Nobody can stop the things that they'll do to Barry, sweet Barry BARRY BARRY SAY HIS NAME!!! THE SWEET AND HONORABLE BARRY THE COMMUNIST THE LENINIST THE MARXIST BARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Have y'all even read the communist manifesto?

    No matter what, people need incentive to work. There is no disputing that people get more accomplished when they are paid with the amount they deserve. A store clerk should never make as much as a doctor. People need incentive to be accomplished in life and contribute to society: capitalism is really the only way to achieve that.

  • See past history

    Human beings are selfish, we are generous only when it fulfills our own desire to appear generous or noble. Human beings are also relatively rational, they will not willingly work to support others who do not support themselves, especially if they is no meaningful connection such as family, etc. Communism is a utopian view that denies the reality of human nature and the scarcity of goods/labor.

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