• Yes it could

    Yes, they put so many chemicals into the flu shot that they really don't know what the side effects are from it just yet. We are the Guinea pigs for this. That is what people fail to realize. There are people developing a lot of illnesses after taking these shots. The people dying are the ones that take the flu shots, not the ones that don't take the flu shots.

  • No, flu shots don't cause behavior issues.

    I do not think that flu shots can cause behavior problems. I do not think that there are enough evidence to suggest something like that. There needs to be more evidence of such things before any thing like that is claimed by society. I think flu shots can actually help a lot of people.

  • I seriously doubt it.

    I truly do not see how flu shots could cause behavior problems. The children in our family always received flu shots and their behavior never was altered by them. I could see where just getting the shot itself might cause some behavior problems for a few days simply because kids hate shots and it makes some of them pretty angry when they are forced to get them.

  • They cause the flu, at most.

    No, flu shots could not cause behavior problems, because having a flu shot is not much different than having a tiny little part of the flu. Having the flu is not something that causes behavior problems, so it is unlikely that a flu shot of the same thing is likely to cause problems.

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