• Vampires are given way too many stories.

    Everyone knows that vampires can die from crucifixes, holy water, silver, and a stake in the heart. But there are four others, most obvious weakness is sunlight. Sunlight makes the human race very hard for vampires to reach. One believed weakness is decapitation using a shovel. The decapitation gives me a question. Why a shovel? Same as "the stake in the heart" thing. Why do we have to use a wooden stake. There is really no reason why we cannot use anything else like a machete or a chainsaw for decapitation or simply a bullet in the chest instead of using wood.
    There's two more that not many have thought of these. If a vampire burns in sunlight, then vampires can't be immune to fire, a bit of petrol in a glass bottle with a rag wick on top and you have a vampire's life in your hands.
    And finally the most basic way to kill undead, a quick and clean headshot. Vampires are undead like zombies and look at what ironically the zombies' weakness is. There is more proof, they are vulnerable to decapitation so vampires can't live without their brain.

    So to conclude, if the human race can survive a zombie attack there is no reason why they can't survive a vampire attack. This is because there are even weaknesses on a vampire than there is on a zombie.

    I feel like I'm forgetting something... Oh yeah! Vampire's abilities! Sure they are stronger, faster and smarter than humans but look again at how many weaknesses they have. To my calculations there are eight compared to the zombie's one (head shots). Sure vampires are strong but don't be fooled, those walking corpses are stronger than they look. And although they are quite literally brain-dead, if they get mutated they could even go as fast as a vampire, maybe even faster. Dracula, more like Dracu-fail! (Made up name!!! LOL!!!)

  • Yes, the human race could survive a vampire attack.

    Yes, the human race could survive a vampire attack. The human race has a lot of weapons and seem to know a lot about vampires already. Also, with the abundance of the population, I doubt there would be enough zombies to end the human race. Military weapons could definitely solve the zombie problem.

  • Yes, humans have read enough information to prepare to fight back.

    There has been sufficient amounts of information, stories, and books which study the vampire in folklore and highlight their weaknesses. By now,humans, particularly fanatics of the supernatural, should be well equipped with information on how to defeat and protect humans from vampires. Apart from classic weapons such as wooden steaks, crosses, holy water and fire, humans have the greater advantage of being able to walk both at day and at night. Hence, the human race has more time to fortify, prepare and ensure its survival.

  • Humanity would be fine

    In almost all traditional vampire stories the creatures of the night are more powerful than any individual human but, as well as their well-known weaknesses, not strong enough to survive if all of humanity became aware of their existence. Anyone with sunlight, garlic or holy water should be just fine.

  • No they couldn't

    The human race could never survive a vampire attack. For starters, no matter what lore you read, or what version you get, vampires are far stronger, faster and superior to the human race. They have all our traits and more. But most importantly, we can not work together as a species, so we would ultimately fail as a group to overpower the vampires.

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nickolas says2016-07-26T03:58:00.810
I forgot to add this in my argument: The philoseraptor meme "if a vampire bites a zombie, will the zombie become a vampire or will the vampire become a zombie" the zombie is literally a walking dead corpse but a vampire although also undead, not even close undead enough to protect it from the zombie infection. A zombie has already been infected by an even stronger virus, for god's sake they can mutate when exposed to chemicals.