Country singer Jana Kramer is hoping to show moms they can do it all. Is this disingenuous given she can afford help?

  • People with Money Can Afford it

    Of course this country singer can do it all because she has money and is able to hire help for kids if she needs it with no problem. Most people are not so lucky. A lot of people struggle paying for daycare or paying for anything so something has to take the backseat and they won't be able to do it all due to financial difficulties.

  • Disingenous but worthwhile

    As a public figure Jana has the public eye, so she can make a statement like that and be heard as opposed to the single moms who live in the real world. As a public figure, she can afford help, true. If she does get into a bind, she can get it. However, she doesn't need to. If she's smart, she'll add that she will not take advantage of her resources in proving her statement. She'll do it just like any person with a normal job would.

  • Yes, it is.

    Moms are overworked and overstressed in this country. They cannot do it all. No one can do everything. It is possible to have a life/ work balance, but this requires help, either financially or from family and from a flexible job and understanding boss. It is not easy, and it is not possible for everyone.

  • No, it is not.

    Granted they post on social media (as do we people out of the spot light) about are children and daily living. We should not criticize one person because of the way they are raising THEIR child. It is NOT our child. So if you don’t like the way she is raising her child get over it cause it is not affecting your life.

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