Court rules homeless cannot be punished for being homeless: Do you think being homeless is a crime?

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  • The least expensive option is the most compassionate, GIVE THEM HOMES

    Putting them in jail will cost a lot more than giving them a place to live.

    For those who are afraid that then they will have no motivation, how is someone who can't afford a roof over their head, hygiene products, or an education going to get a job? No matter how much they may want one they won't be able to get one.

  • Maybe I should have answered "YES". But the criminal is not the homeless, it is our society.

    It is to our Country's shame to have so many homeless. Maybe we should arrest them. Then, at least, we would be giving them shelter and food. As it is, we all pretend they do not exist or that if they are homeless they deserve to be. There are programs on T.V. asking us to contribute to the welfare of people in other nations where the government cannot or will not care for it's citizens Hmmm. Maybe some other benevolent nation will ask it's citizens to contribute to the homeless in America that the people cannot or will not care for.

  • No, becoming homeless is not a criminal act.

    There are several circumstances that could lead to one becoming homeless, such as mental health issues, change in economic status. More often than not, homeless individuals are victims of unfortunate circumstances. I don't believe that a person voluntarily chooses to be homeless therefore, they should not be treated as criminals.

  • No, homelessness is not a crime.

    Homeless people are often the victim of unfortunate circumstances. Most homeless people work hard to find the resoure set hey need in order to have a stable place to live. People often become homeless because of the loss of a job or because of lack of family support, both of which can occur for a variety of reasons.

  • Being homeless is not a crime.

    The court ruling that the homeless cannot be punished for being homeless is absolutely justified. Being homeless is not a crime, but treating the homeless as criminals seems a far greater crime. Homelessness might be a brief or a permanent situation for some people. There is greater need to understand the causes and consequences of being homeless.

  • No, I do not think that homelessness should be a crime.

    No, I do not think that homelessness should be a crime because these people don't have any money to utilize in order to seek housing. Most homeless individuals aren't in contact with their families and truly don't have anywhere to sleep besides sleeping outside. It is wrong for the American government to arrest homeless people.

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