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  • The evidence backs it up

    Evolution has more evidence to back it up since there are carbon dating which proves the earths been around for a least 4.9 billion years old. You do know that if you believe in creationism, you also believe that incest is right because Adam and Eve would have had to have children and then those children would have had to have children together; therefore committing incest. Especially since Adam and Eve had 2 sons which means that either Adam and Eve had another daughter afterwards or Eve's sons had sex with her.

  • Is there even a debate?

    Evolution is the most important theory in biology. Without it, nothing even makes sense. No other theory explains the diversity of life we see on our planet better than evolution. There is no debate in the scientific community, except for the lineages of specific organisms. The only ones who object to evolution are those who do not understand it, or the religious (often both).

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jackrabbit5 says2015-10-30T22:35:23.820
It's quite hard to answer as unclear what yes and no refers to. Is yes pro or con evolution?