Cuba confirms the start of direct commercial flights from the U.S. Will this relationship help the U.S. economy?

  • Yes, direct commercial flights to Cuba will have a positive impact on the U.S. economy.

    Yes, direct commercial flights to Cuba will have a positive impact on the U.S. economy. There are an estimated two million Cuban American citizens in the United States. It is plausible that these individuals have ties to relatives in Cuba. The revenue that will be generated by this international travel will raise the United States's gross domestic product, potentially improving the economy, while also creating positive relations with Cuba.

  • Commercial Flights to Cuba From U.S. Will Boost U.S. Economy

    I believe commercial flights to Cuba from U.S. will boost American economy because there are American travelers who will want to visit Cuba. This will increase commercial airline ticket sales, bringing more money to the airline industry in the U.S. Travel agencies in the U.S. also may receive an increase in revenue by organizing and arranging group trips to Cuba.

  • Tourists are great no matter where they come from

    Opening normalized trade and travel is the most important things that countries can do to benefit both of their economies. These direct flights will help the US economy tremendously as Cubans travel to visit relatives and vice versa. The areas nearest Cuba, such as Florida, will obviously get the biggest lift.

  • No, the impact is barely measurable and may be entirely offset by Americans going to Cuba.

    No, the Cuban flights will have negligible impact on both tourism and business. The number of Cuban tourists is minuscule and lack purchasing power, and will be offset by Americans going to spend money in Cuba. As for Cuban-American business ventures, businesses will remain cautious about committing to anything major as long as the communist party remains in power. History has not forgotten the government seizures of American property when Castro reached power.

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