Dallas Morning News endorses Clinton for president: Should the mainstream media stop pretending to be neutral?

  • Yes, the mainstream media should stop pretending to be neutral

    Yes, the mainstream media should stop pretending to be neutral. The only time a media outlet should claim that they are neutral, is if they actually are neutral. It would be much more beneficial for the American public if news outlets explicitly showed them their biases. However, I do not think this would be a good system either. I think the news should be just that, the news. They should tell us the story and leave their opinions out of it and let people form their own opinions.

  • There is no neutrality

    It is clear that Fox favors Republicans, and that other channels favor Democrats. You can hear it in the types of stories they report on, and the way they spin those stories. You can also tell in interviews when a network has decided to lob softball questions to their favored candidate.

  • Yes, because they have there preffered candidates.

    Dallas Morning News endorsing Clinton for president is a new from a main stream media. Usually the main stream media would not come out publicly to show their political stand or preferred candidate in an election. They always try as much as possible to remain neutral though it is believed that they push agenda of ''their'' candidates by giving them more airtime. I think they should just come out and support whoever they want and then they can deal with the repercussion later.

  • Mainstream media should be neutral

    The mainstream media should remain neutral. Their job is to report the news. In order to maintain credibility, this should be done objectively, without the expression of a political bias. The place for opinions is in editorials, such as the Dallas Morning News' endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president. This does not mean their news is slanted.

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