Dallas Police Shooting: Are police given enough resources to stay safe on the job?

  • Police Are Well Equipped

    Police definitely have the right equipment to stay safe on the job. This is evidenced by the fact that police regularly use tactical gear that is also used by the military. Furthermore, when the police have robots that can detonate bombs to kill suspects, it is hard to see how police don't have the right equipment for their jobs.

  • Yes, police are given enough resources.

    The issue is not needed more resources it is that we need to better train police to be less reactionary. Yes, the Dallas police force was one where there has been less aggressive police and less excessive use of force, and the shooter was not justified, but they have enough resources to protect themselves.

  • Police have more than enough resources.

    Theo police have the backing of the federal government and all the funds that are allowed there. In the past decade police have been give more funding and resources than ever before due to the Homeland Security Act, this act has given to nearly militarizing our local police forces. Officers have access to items such as body armor and multiple forms of mechanical weaponry that can keep them as safe as possible in the jobs they perform.

  • They are given what everyone is given.

    Police Officers do have enough resources, judging from what I have heard. But I am not a cop, I would not be able to say for sure. If they ARE given enough resources, then it's up to the cops to make the best use of it, if they aren't, then it's up to them to speak up and ask for what they need.

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