• Yes, Danny Glover is back.

    Yes, Danny Glover's new show has given him a newfound stardom. While the actor faded from the spotlight over the last decade, he has recently made a resurgence. Unless the show is canceled, Glover is here to stay. During the late 90s and early 2000s, there were not too many actors more capable of playing the roles he chose, and now he will prove it again.

  • Danny Glover is back

    Yes, Danny Glover is back and is making a great impression on those who thought that he may be off the screens for longer than they may have realised. It seems that he has got his spark back and is ready to wow fans and other alike with his new show.

  • Danny Glover will not return to former glory

    Danny Glover has continued to work consistently as he has gotten older, but the roles have gotten smaller and less significant. Some of the movies that have cast him as a costar or minor character have been straight to video B movies. He will continue to work, but not recapture his former glory.

  • No, even with his new show, Danny Glover is not "back."

    No, I believe Danny Glover is not "back." In trying to find out about a new series he is involved in, I couldn't even find information in a quick web search. He has a great legacy as an important and talented actor, but I don't think that this new show makes him currently relevant.

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