Dead Body Found in Closet: Would it be fun to be a ghost and haunt people?

  • Yasssss ssssssssss sssss

    It would be pretty funny... Ok then maybe it might get a little old but still. You would be able to hear annoying teens scream like little children, it would be the best day of my entire wierd life. I might posess mutiple books and make a book monster wich would be pretty funny. The people looking at it would be like Ahh! Book monster! And i'd be like LOL NOOB!

  • Revenge is Sweet

    To come back as a ghost and take revenge on the people who have wronged you would be many people's dream! It's a similar concept to wanting to be invisible, the idea of being able to do things and see people without personal consequence. There are many people who have wronged me in life and I would love to take a little light revenge!

  • What else would you do?

    Assuming I was already dead, I do not see what else I would do besides haunt people. If this was the house of the person who killed me, you can bet that I would haunt it. It would be hillarious to see their reaction. I believe I would be one of those mean ghosts that throws stuff around.

  • It would be fun for a while

    I'd probably make use of good haunting opretunity we but I feel with incite time I would explore the universe and watch humanity develops and see life soing forth on alien planets . Not saying I wouldn't haunt its just not my number one priority . But if there was a good chance of course I'd take it .

  • I think it would get old pretty quick

    It might be exciting for the first few years to essentially prank people living wherever you are haunting but I think it would get very old pretty quickly. I'd imagine it would be very hard to move on if you were a ghost so you could likely spend hundreds of years trapped somewhere unable to move on.

  • Na it's not like that

    At first you wouldn't know that you were a ghost until you noticed that people were ignoring you. Also only some people can see ghosts.
    And isn't it true that when you're a ghost you feel the pain of death for all of eternity. So yeah it would suck bad.

  • No, there are too many disadvantages to being a ghost.

    Despite literary references including the Harry Potter series that ghosts retain their earthly personalities and are capable of enjoying themselves, it's not clear that ghosts do in fact have any sort of free will. In addition, assuming the existence of an afterlife and concepts such as Heaven and Limbo, although haunting people would be certainly better than eternal suffering, it would be a poor substitute for the kingdom of God and likely would get boring after a century or two if, again, ghosts were capable of feeling boredom.

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