Deadly Mount Everest avalanche: Is the notoriety for climbing to the top of Mount Everest worth the risk of death?

  • Yes, people take risks all the time

    Doing just about any action carries the risk of death, from walking outside and getting hit by a meteorite to dying in a car crash. If someone perceives that the notoriety of climbing to the top of Mount Everest as a worthwhile cause, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with the journey.

  • Everest climb well worth the risk.

    All aspects of life have risk to them. Just getting out of bed in the morning, walking down the stairs or driving to work can result in injury or even death, yet we still do them for often no recognition or thanks. The thrill and notoriety of being able to say you've braved one of the most extreme climbs in the world and survived is well worth the risk of death as it's a once in a lifetime experience.

  • It is a personal judgement call.

    Although I personally do not see the value of bragging rights in this circumstance. I believe that individuals should have a choice. Climbers know the danger when they take on this kind of challenge. They know the risks and they decide to take them. If individuals want to climb based on those calculations, let them go. If they die however, I don't believe we should be pused to feel badly about it either.

  • Yes, Mountaineering is culturally embedded in the Nepali and Sherpas.

    Mountaineering is to the Sherpa's what the sea is to sea-farers and fisher-folk, a means and way of living and livelihood.Accidents do happen in dangerous professions and the same is the case of Mountaineering.Good wages and life insurance is normally a incentive for serving in any dangerous vocation or profession.As a former "Marine-Engineer" with 23 years of sea-sailing experience i have personally heard of the loss of some of my colleagues at sea due to ship-wrecks or accidents and myself escaped a cyclone storm narrowly during my sailing career.Its ultimately adventure and decent wages that make people take up dangerous professions as a source of employment.

  • No, it is not

    Because once your dead, you can't enjoy the gifts of life like taco bell. Plus, if you're dead, you're dead and not alive and no one doesn't like not being alive, right? So due to the extraordinary amount of scientific evidence I provided, I can't see how one could not agree with my theoretical hypothesis.

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