• Deaf people are the natural people

    Deaf and Hearing people are same but their languages are different. Most of Deaf people use visual languages. Hearing people use spoken languages. So, it is wonderful to see diversity in languages! It is similar to the concept where people use different spoken languages like between English and German. These people cannot communicate until interpreter is there. Therefore, Deaf people have interpreters due to majority of people use spoken languages. Hearing people need to have interpreters too if majority of their places are visual languages.

  • Deaf people are the unique people

    Deaf people depend on visual needs for communicating with the world. God wants other people to see that there is other way than hear in order to communicate with the world. The world labels Deaf as Disability because most of the people in the world do not know sign language.

  • Wtf is wrong with you guys saying yes

    No one wants to be deaf, you know how hard it is living in an society that values hearing when you can't hear? If you guys saying yes is so okay with it, than you guys wouldn't be afriasto get your hearing taken away. Oh wait, you'll say no way. Than why should others be burdened with it.
    I bet you people think babies born with diformaties and things that no one wants to be born with is perfectly fine because of your "god". Well if your "god" was all perfect, no one will be born with deformaties.

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