Death penalty: Is the pro-life, anti-abortionist movement consistent in supporting capital punishment?

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  • Republicans are very confused.

    I think republicans only want to say that they are pro-life
    in order to pacify their Christian constituents. The bible says that thou shalt not kill. But, that applies to criminals as well as
    unborn fetuses. Republicans can’t
    support capital punishment and not support abortion and still be seen as logical. If their foundation is the bible, then they
    should be pro-life and anti-capital punishment.

  • Pro-life is for life not death

    How can a movement that is pro-life be consistent with death? It can not. Capital punishment should be considered murder for a lot of reasons regardless of whatever past crime the victim may have,or may not have in some cases, committed. People do not have the power to restore a life so therefore it would be selfish and audacious to agree with taking one.

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