Debate.Org should it only feature 2 genders to pick from this being male and female when creating an account ?

Asked by: DInoworld112
  • There are two genders.

    Everyone is trying to make genders a subjective and extremely complex issue, but really, genders are simple:
    Do you have male reproductive organs?
    Then you are male.
    Do you have female reproductive organs?
    Then you are female.
    There are no such things as queer reproductive organs, asexual reproductive organs, etc.
    Therefore, there are only two genders.
    Enough said.

  • They are only 2 genders

    They have only ever been 2 genders this being male and female Transgender does not count Tran meaning transition or transform means becoming one or the other so you only still have a choice of the 2 genders so debate.Org should only show two genders because they are only 2.

  • There are only two genders on this globe.

    Now, as I'm reading the opposing arguments, it appears they're comparing it to religion. I'm frankly certain that an averaged 50% of DDO users classify as "other." Infact, I would bet not even 5% of them are, any amount of sum. Religion on the other hand, I would call an even 50/50 for those religious and atheist, as it's much more popular. I would be perfectly alright with people using this in an argument against me. 2 genders 36 mental ailments.

  • Are you crazy?

    There are TWO genders. That's it. There ain't no more. Just two. That's the same as one plus one. Anyone who believes that there are more than two genders need their freaking heads examined. Better yet, lock them up. They are a danger to themselves and others. Give me a break.

  • If You Don't Know Your Gender, You Need Psychiatric Help...

    NOT social coddling. There are only 2 genders. These are inherently vital to social order, psychological identity and sound mental health. If there was a legitimate mistake made during gestation, then, by ALL means, get that fixed.

    However, these mistakes are <Extremely Rare.>

    So, we are left with those who have a fundamental identity and mental health crisis if and/or when they announce that they do not know which -of the only TWO- gender they are in. Such an individual needs comprehensive psychological evaluations and therapy.

    Posted by: JAF
  • Why complicate situtions if two genders are comply the public

    Well naturally speaking there only two genders , male and a female gender based on their reproductive organs and the people you call " gay" are not a gender but a person opting an opposite gender to their owns which doesn't give you a free pass for enabling you to another option for "gender!" and if you talk about transgender ,they are extreme scenarios to even call them a minority.In the end of the genders in accounts only help you to join two different group of people, why create another group and complicate situations and be in the minority crowd while you can accept your biological gender and join a group and have some fine while you are at it, if you are
    " really" some sort of unnatural situation , hey you got two options ,choice what you want without shyness of choosing the opposite gender and have some fun

  • There are 4 types of people and 2 genders

    Everyone can be classed as one of the following types of people.

    Type 1. Males who are born male and know they are male.

    Type 2.Females who are born female and know they are female.

    Type 3. Males who are born male but are idiots and debate the fact

    type 4. Females who are born female but who are idiots and debate it.

    End of discussion

  • Two genders with the exception of trans

    There is a lot of talk about multiple genders which is FALSE. Sex and gender are the same words, they can be used conversely as they have the same definition, worded differently. We are divided for many reasons, reproductive systems, gender roles (yes feminists, they are a thing) and I would go as far to say safety reasons, I'm not so sure about you but I wouldn't allow 45 year old Emily who was born a man and resembles a man on a plane or in the women's toilets if I felt it was a risk because they identify as a woman? The few ruin it for the many. There are of course reals transgender people who when doing medical form should tick their original gender boxes for medical reasons however when it becomes a trend to have a different gender then you can simply find the nearest noose and do the rest. Stop making an not needed thing complicated cause you want to be noticed and remembered for the person who had 17 genders. - Hannah :)

  • Debate.Org Should Treat Gender Like Religion

    When you update your profile page, one of the descriptions will ask for your religious affiliation. However you align, you will find there to be a long list of possibilities from the common (Atheism, Christianity, Islam, etc.) to the obscure (Taoism, Scientology, Zoroastrianism, etc). Not very many users are going to select the latter, but they are nevertheless listed as options. The same goes for gender. Unlike biological sex, gender is not binary. Thus, Debate.Org should acknowledge this diversity - like they do with religion - by providing many more options under the gender tab.

  • Male, Female, Transgender, Agender, and Other should be provided

    Whether you like it or not, there are more than just two genders. While I don't think there are the full 63, ( it's just pointless to distinguish some of the "genders"), I do believe there are around 4-6 ones that should be considered genders. Thank you for your time.

  • There are other genders

    I don't fit in with male, or female. I've always been an in-between. I know of people who have no gender. There is intersex, and bigender, people who have TWO genders, and then there's agender and androgenous, who are non-binary and have no gender. There are far more genders than male and female. And don't get me started on transgenderism

  • There's more than two genders so it makes no sense to feature only two

    People who are saying yes are confusing gender with sex, they're different things, your gender is what/who you identify as, your sex is what you are biologically(also people who say there are only two genders because you either have male reproductive organs or female reproductive organs are just??? There's a thing and its called being intersex and thats literally just how people are born. If you don't know what it is then google it). There are so many more genders than just two, like agender and transgender and genderfluid, genderflux, non binary, the list goes on. People are just so ignorant omfg.

  • No, even though I believe that there are only two genders

    We don't remove religion just because many people on this site are atheist. Likewise, even though I don't believe in those other genders, it would still be opinionated and unnecessary to remove people from being able to put what they believe their gender is. This site is supposed to be opinion neutral, and removing genders would be the opposite of that.

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