Decriminalization call as 'war on drugs' fails: Was the war on drugs effective?

  • The war on drugs is a failure

    Of all programs ever undertaken by the United States government, the war on drugs is probably the biggest and otter most failed project ever. At what point does the government stop spending good dollar after bad and recognize that the war on drugs can and will not ever be one. Legalize drugs and deal with treatment.

  • No, it certainly didn't reduce drug use.

    The "war on drugs" was not effective in any way, shape or form. Its stated goal was, I assume, to reduce drug use. It did not do this. All it did was put (mostly) nonviolent criminals in prison for a long time for (mostly) victimless crimes, ruining their lives. If we want to reduce drug use and drug addiction, legalizing or decriminalizing drugs and sending people to rehab instead of prison (if needed) would be much more effective.

  • The 'war on drugs' didn't do enough

    It might be time to "just say no" to the war on drugs. It has caused profiling of African Americans, which in turn has torn apart the fabric of our society as criminalization rates continue to climb. The war on drugs also created the school-to-prison pipeline. None of these things are worth fighting for.

  • No, the war on drugs was not effective.

    Government should stop trying to decide what behavior is moral and immoral, as long as the behavior does not harm anyone else. The war on drugs is considered a failure by many. The government spends billions each year arresting and imprisoning a lot of people for non-violent drug crimes. The United States should at least decriminalize marijuana, and stop incarcerating so many people. This would make society less violent and more stable.

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