Democrats appear unconcerned about Hillary Clinton. Are you concerned about the prospect of a Clinton presidency?

  • I am highly concerned

    I am highly concerned because Mrs. Clinton has brushed off the events of Benghazi as if the people that died were of no concern. She has trust issues, likability issues, and issues with people who don't believe she is for the people. She is too close to Wall Street to be a good president.

  • Yes i am concerned about the Clinton presidency.

    I am concerned out the Clinton presidency. With Clinton having the majority she is one step closer to reaching the white house. This raises concern because i can't trust he for various things she has done in the past. She has lied about many things during these elections and therefore we can't trust her in office.

  • I am very concerned about the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency

    I am very concerned about the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency. So should everybody else. This woman has demonstrated over and over again banshee is dishonest, bordering on criminal, and will stop at nothing to achieve the highest elected office of the land. God help us all if this woman becomes our commander-in-chief.

  • Hillary is an iron horse

    Hillary could have been president when her husband Bill won in 1992. She is a brilliant, well educated woman who can take the reins of the presidency from day one. She knows all the players from the global countries and has already engaged all of them in debates and negotiations. She is the most vetted candidate of all time.

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