Democrats under Mr. Trump: Will Democrats work with the Trump Administration to get things done?

  • They will come together for the sake of the country.

    I think that Democrats will put aside their differences and come together to work with the Trump administration for the sake of the country. While there has been so much negativity surrounding Trump's presidential win, and an incredible amount of hostility from the Democrats, I think at the end of the day, people will rise above this focus on doing everything they can for the betterment of the United States and its citizens.

  • I think Democrats will work with Trump to an extent

    I think Democrats will work with Trump much better than Republicans worked with Obama. It will be difficult as Trump's views are so far right or unconventional as apposed to center right. Democrats will need to work with him but also push back so as to hold a balance of power.

  • Democrats are going to block everything.

    Democrats will try to stop Trump from achieving anything just as they should. The Republicans did the same thing to Obama. Granted, the country suffers but if this election has taught us anything, it is that most of the politicians, corporations and general people don't care about this country as long as they earn a buck.

  • Democrats will not work with Trump

    Democrats are very stubborn. I believe that Trump will attempt to overpower the government system, and will attempt to become "king" rather than have a democracy. While most politicians will work to get things done, I believe the majority will fight back and vote against new bills tat may arise.

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