Department of Veterans Affairs in legal trouble: Do you think red tape is getting in the way of patient safety?

  • Red tape and more...

    It really is a poor reflection on our nation that our veterans are treated so shabbily; no matter if it is red tape, corruption, lack of accountability, or whatever the combined reasons truly are. Patriotic holidays and campaign events aside, veterans, like our homeless citizens, are quickly forgotten but our hard-earned freedoms continue. We need to really look at what is important to us as a nation.

  • Yes, it is

    Of course it is. The red tape is a bureaucratic nightmare that needs to be abolished or at the very least lessened as much as possible. The hurdles faced by veterans just to get proper health care is a national disgrace. We, as a nation, should be ashamed of ourselves.

  • Red Tape is Making Hospital / Patient Safety Much Worse

    Red tape and mountains of paperwork only contribute to the stress that patients feel when visiting the hospital. That additional work only causes more stress which then leads to poorer health. That worsening health leads to more paperwork and red tape. It's a vicious circle that a lot of patients are trapped in.

  • Yes, red tape is getting in the way of safety.

    The Department of Veterans Affairs scandal has had deadly consequences for many veterans that were seeking medical treatment. Unfortunately, in addition to incompetence, the department is bogged down by red tape as well. This red tape makes it difficult to implement reforms. Patient care and safety has suffered because of all of the regulations that prevent veterans from seeking quality care elsewhere. In short, yes, red tape is getting in the way of patient safety at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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