Deporting illegal immigrants in the US: Does the Constitution support the deportation of illegal immigrants?

  • Protect the borders and deport the illegal invasion

    Do yourself a favor, look into La Raza and Aztlan. This is an invasion to take what they believe is theirs. Most get paid in cash and do not report their earnings to use our system for all the free handouts. If you do not live near the border towns then you do not see what is happening.

  • Yes, it protects fair immigration.

    Yes, the Constitution supports the deportation of illegal immigrants, because the Constitution provides for the protection of U.S. borders. The Constitution extends rights to its citizens, and it allows the legislature to make rules for the entry of immigrants, along with general rules for immigration. It is only fair that the United States enforce its immigration laws.

  • ALL men created equal

    The strongest words are those not said, and nowhere in the constitution does it specify that we shouldn't condone immigration. Not only does the deportation of illegal immigrant defy the wishes of our forefathers, but it hurts the American economy by placing the duty of performing lower class jobs onto the middle class, therefore creating an imperialistic upper and lower class, with no strong middle class.

  • USA is a nation of immigrants

    The USA was built by immigrants, and immigrant hatred and persecution has always been a nasty part of our history. The constitution says nothing about deporting immigrants, and nothing about protecting American jobs and workers from outside people who want to come and contribute. The United States is a group effort, and it's better and better the more diverse it becomes.

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