Despite her conviction, should Kathleen Kane remain the Attorney General of Pennsylvania?

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  • Kathleen Kane should not be Pennsylvania's AG

    Kathleen Kane should not remain as Pennsylvania's Attorney General. She has been convicted of a crime, hampering her ability to operate effectively in office. Kane was convicted of serious charges, including perjury and criminal conspiracy. She appears to have abused the power of her office by leaking grand jury information, and then lying about it, in an effort to discredit a political rival.

  • NO, she should not.

    Kathleen Kane was convicted of purgury. While purgury is considered a lesser crime by many people, it would not makes sense for the Attorney General of Pennsylvania to have commited a crime. This is bad for the people of Pennsylvania, as the person who is supposed to uphold the law is a criminal.

  • No, not at all.

    She should not retain her position as attorney general of Pennsylvania. Perjury is a serious breach of trust, and it shows a complete lack of integrity and ethics. Someone in her position should not commit crimes at all while in office, let alone crimes that involve lying on the stand. It's unacceptable. She should be let go immediately.

  • No, Kathleen Kane should not stay as the Attorney General of Pennsylvania.

    No, Kathleen Kane should no longer be the Attorney General in Pennsylvania. There is no question that she should step down or a someone above her should try to have her removed. You cannot execute the job of being your state's top law enforcement official, when you have been convicted of obstruction of justice and perjury. She broke the law and she should resign.

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