Despite limited internet, North Korea expected to get Netflix-style t.v.: Is North Korean technology more progressive than we realized?

  • Yes, They hide it well.

    North Korea has been very active and progressive in the field of weapons, war and nuclear science. A country that much advanced in these areas can hardly be behind in technology like internet. Majority of the population might not be as advanced in the technology but that doesn't mean they are not progressive. They are just keeping it quiet to keep the world in darkness.

  • We may never knwo how developed they truly are.

    We don't really know what goes on in that country and they may project a famine-stricken image just to stop the world from thinking of them as threats. For all we know, the North Koreans may already have their own versions of the technology and gadgets we use in every day life. Unless they open the country to everyone, we can only speculate on how developed they really are.

  • North Korea is more advanced than we think

    North Korea is more advanced than we think. We are cut off from their influence and understanding of their society. Although they might be culturally cut off from us does not mean they do not know how to technologically connect to the rest of the world and keep up with advancements.

  • No, North Korea is not more progressive than we realize

    There is some mystery to the lifestyle in North Korea due to all the restrictions imposed by the government. I think their technology is not as advanced as they would like to be, for example, their missile launches seem to have many failures. The introduction of Netflix may be a new event for a small part of the population but it does not mean that they are more progressive.

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