Destiny: Rise of Iron: Will this expansion pack be worth the money it costs?

  • Yes, Destiny: Rise of Iron will be worth its price.

    It is my feeling that the expansion pack Destiny: Rise of Iron will be just as anything else new that comes out on the market which is very worth it to those who are truly invested and open to criticism for its cost by those who are not or are just casually interested.

  • If you're a fan of the game

    If you love the game, this expansion pack will be worth every penny. The pack opens up a whole new world of gameplay, giving you extras never seen before. However, as a casual player, the pack may not be worth it. If you aren't fanatical, I personally wouldn't bother with buying it until it is cheaper.

  • Yes; sometimes quality is worth a high price.

    Yes; the expansion pack is worth the price. Its features were likely labor-intensive to create, and true fans of the game will understand that sometimes quality expansions can be pricy. In time, prices may fall, but for now, they are acceptable and the expansion pack will make up for the cost with what it adds to the game.

  • No, they really knows how to kill game sales.

    To many great games out there what won't soak you like this. The game does have replay value but at the cost of being highly repetitive. The original game was only $10 dollars more. Thanks for being the Disney of gaming Bungie. This is nothing more than attempt to see how far they can push gamers.

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