• Yes, it is time for al-Assad to go.

    Yes, it is time for al-Assad to go. Aleppo has been reduced to ruins and may never be restored. The devastation in Aleppo can be directly attributed to al-Assad, and he must relinquish leadership if Aleppo and its people are to have any chance of recovering the city that used to exist.

  • Yes, his actions are inhumane.

    This man has used chemical weapons against his own people including children. The images on television watching people die from the use of chemical weapons are heartbreaking. He is an inhumane dictator. He is trying to show how powerful he is by killing people in the most disgusting way possible, which is the only way dictators do things. He has to go, now.

  • If he's not making improvements

    When it comes to Al-Assad being "let go" regarding the devastation in Aleppo, if the man is not making any real progress in trying to make things better and possibly fix the moral of the torn up city, then I think he should be removed from his current position in office.

  • The People are Suffering.

    Yes, it is time for al-Assad to go, because the people in Syria are suffering. The conflict there has been long. Al-Assad cannot control the suffering there, nor does he even care that his people are dying. There is a humanitarian crisis in the country. Al-Assad has had a chance to fix things and he has not.

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