Did Alexander I of Russia fake his own death and become Feodor Kuzmich?

  • Russian tsar 'lived secretly as monk in Siberia' for decades after history books say he died

    According to the Siberian Times, a new handwriting analysis suggests that Tsar Alexander I did stage his death. Both Alex's handwriting and Feodor Kuzmich's handwriting is extremely similar, based upon the research given by Svetlana Semonova, who is currently the president of the Russian Graphological Society. The handwriting pictures presented in the article do indeed look like they are the same.

  • Yes, that can be prove.

    Alexander died unexpectedly, he did not suffer from any disease before, he died far away from home in a remote place of Taganrog, and when he was put in the coffin many who saw him, said that he changed a lot, this is why the coffin was quickly sealed. Stranger things have happened, and in the age of DNA it should be no trouble to find out who was who. If the will is there.

  • They tried to kidnap him

    Yes, Alexander I of Russia faked his own death because he was afraid of everyone after a kidnap attempt. History verified that the kidnap attempt happened so Alexander faked becoming ill on a trip to the south of Russia. He just wanted to live out his final days in peace and rid himself of conspiracy theories and plots against him.

  • Alexander I of Russia died of typhus in 1825

    No, Alexander I of Russia did not fake his own death. There were rumors that he became a monk, but they were only rumors. These rumors probably arose as the result of the chaotic times of the Napoleonic wars, when Alexander I was often on the move, and was once almost kidnapped. After dealing with several personal tragedies,The Emperor became ill and died of typhus. His body was transported to St. Petersburg for his funeral. He was interred at Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral a year later.

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