• Yes I think they it is likely.

    Some ancient buildings are too advanced to have been built by humans in the time they were built. There are also old drawings on cave walls of alien-like creatures and spaceships. Liam2002 said that they should have left more than stacked rocks and carvings, but I disagree. They were likely here to study Earth and its inhabitants, and the humans are the ones who made the carvings to record what they saw.

  • We are the aliens

    One must ponder to call the origin of Carbon based compounds alien? Well sure it is part of our evolutionary chain, but it comes from outer space. 5 Billion years ago when the earth was molten, and vents of pressure created water steam and comets rained down, meteors came down, and under high pressure and temperatures in entering the atmosphere, they emit nitrogen-containing ammonia, which eventually led to DNA molecule, RNA and proteins. Scientist have found the ammonia molecules are very strange isotopes, indicating it is of extraterrestrial origin rather on earth. Thanks to the quick capture of the Murchison meteorite we now know it is true.

    3.5 billion years ago- first life. The universe encompasses us all, who to say we are not the aliens, aliens is much as a social construct as gender.

    As for intelligent lifeforms, according to the Drake equation (not absolute), there should be millions of intelligent alien civilizations, however communicating with them is fruitless until the creation of the warp drive and we bend and push the very space behind the space ship, like a sticker on the side of a blown up balloon. So no, if aliens are able to use a warp drive, you would assume they would have technologies that render them completely undetectable.

  • Why would they?

    We would probably find evidence of their presence in some sort of drawing or manuscript. And, if they did, wouldn't you think that they would've taken advantage of the inhabitants of our planet and made us all slaves. The entire world would be a different story if they actually visited.

  • Evidence to the contrary

    If the Aliens did come here then wouldn't they have simply taken over? I mean free planet, lots of resources and just a bunch of cavemen to defend earth. Not at all likely that Neanderthal clubs are more advanced than lasers or something of that sort, is it? The evidence that all sorts of buildings were made this way could have just been a coincidence in similar beliefs or myths. Seriously, if we all had different beliefs We wouldn't even be talking the same godamn language. It just doesn''t add up.

  • Based on the evidence.

    No. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • No no no

    Many people think that aliens came to earth a long time ago because of stacked rocks, carvings on walls, sculptures, statues, monuments. I disagree because because if aliens came to earth they would have to get here by use of a pretty advanced means of transportation so when they did get here I think that they would probably leave more then just a bunch of stacked rocks and carvings.

  • Aliens are Demons

    The fallen angels breeded with humans creating nephalim. This is your alien. There are no other "inhabitants places" this is it guys. Compare Alister Crowleys demon to drawings of aliens. This is also where the giants came from. Alien invasion will be used to explain plane "disappearances " and will be mostly CGI on the idiot box. Then the "good" aliens will come out, say they've been here all along, and help "defend" the human race from an invading alien race. This is known as the great deception, and the second coming. You guys should get your heads on straight, and pick a side soon.

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