• Yes, Bernie Saunders responded well by supplying a series of scathing attacks against Trump on Twitter.

    Bernie Saunders certainly didn't hold back when voicing his opinions as to why his supporters would not support Trump. His tirade included criticisms of Trump's economic plans, his refusal to address climate change and his use of cheap overseas labor. He also called Trump a hypocrite and pointed out the divisiveness of the Trump campaign. Each point was backed up by examples.

  • Yes, he did.

    I think Bernie Sanders responded rather calmly and collectedly considering how vile and awful he considers Trump and how important his supporters are to him. He could have acted irrationally or started fighting fire with fire, and the was not what Bernie Sanders did when he found out what Trump was doing.

  • Yes, Bernie Sanders responded well to Trump targeting Sanders voters.

    Bernie Sanders offered a good response to Donald Trump target disenfranchised Sanders voters. Sanders pointed out that Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine would make a better choice to lead America than Trump. Furthermore, Sanders believes that Trump does not show genuine concern for the Middle Class. Finally, Bernie Sanders best response to Donald Trump was Sanders endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president.

  • Bernie sounds like a sore loser.

    I don't think that Bernie Sanders responded well to Trump courting his supporters. Bernie also complained and complained about how the Democratic National Committee pushed for a Hillary Clinton nomination. Although he officially endorsed Hillary, he doesn't seem too enthused about her either. I think that Sanders just sounds like a sorel oser.

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