• It helped keep everybody alive and equal

    In a large country such as Russia resources can be hard to manage and if farmers export the crops the sheer amount of people in the country would surely decline and there would be hunger and death. Every one is treated fair and equally thus ending racism and sexism and creating a happier life style and a lower crime rate.

  • In some ways.

    Communism benefited Russia, in some ways, because it is such a huge country. Communism can be useful in larger countries where resources are limited. It made sure that everyone had something to eat, even if it was only a little. It also ensures that everyone is treated equally regardless of sex.

  • Think before Communism came along

    Before communism came around Russia was suffering from a major inflation problem, and fighting a war they didn't really belong in. On the inflation problem it would of taken an entire trunk of rubles to buy a loaf of bread...No one was rich enough to even get that much. As soon a Lenin came around things improved drastically.

  • Nah it diddnt fam

    It didnt help cuz russia was bad before and bad after so in the ened i guess that what im tryinging to say is that when russia revolutionized it did not help a lot but also did not have a bad impact so it definitely wasnt fully bad or fully good

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