• Yes, Snowden exposed corruption.

    Edward Snowden exposed secrets that our government and most influential corporations should not have kept. We need transparency and accountability if we are going to function as a democracy. Edward Snowden saw corruption and felt it was his duty to act. He should receive a pardon and be allowed to return to the US.

  • He let us know what was happening.

    The word traitor is a broad term used by ultra conservatives to get other people riled up. Edward Snowden may technically be a traitor but he did US citizens a favor by letting them know the power that the government really had over them. We are entitled to our privacy and we should know when that is being threatened because not everyone is a terrorist or criminal.

  • No he did not do anyone but Russia a favor

    He does not really care about the American People. He had the resources to book a flight to Russia, instead of just jumping the border, so he either stole money, or planned this ahead of time, even if both of those statements are not true, there are other nations that would have taken him in other than Russia. So many criminals hide in Mexico or South America, for example. He also could have hidden in Sweden, who would not send him back to the US if he was going to be punished for exposing corruption. He could have claimed refugee status, and could have had a greater effect on the opinions of Americans in a positive way, in a shorter amount of time. But right now, he has been hiding in Russia, the biggest threat to the United States, likely passing off military secrets to the Russian government- a nation even more crooked than the NSA could ever be, someone who wants freedom hiding in russia.... His "Im doing this for the American people" crap, is nothing more than a ruse, to get the sympathy of the public, so he can get away with his crimes instead of facing justice.

  • No no no

    Snowden helped the terrorists by letting them know they need to communicate in a different way. The NSA did not break the 4th amendment because it says unreasonable searches and seizures and keeping phone records to find terrorists and save lives is not unreasonable. No Snowden did not do US citizens a favor because all he did was make is harder to find terrorists.

  • He is a traitor

    Edward Snowden acted in total disregard for his country. Allowing governmental secrets to become public is not a good idea. The government needs to have a degree of secrecy in order to function properly. Imagine if all people knew everything that really went on in government. Everyone would become an expert, and the country's security would be at stake.

  • No, Edward Snowden did not do U.S. citizens a favor.

    Edward Snowden is a traitor. Snowden did a terrible disservice to U.S. national security. There were proper channels that he could have gone through if there were questions related to the legality of collecting data on citizens. Snowden's actions have hurt the ability of the United States to protect itself against potential adversaries. In short, Edward Snowden did not do U.S. citizens any favors.

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