Did God create man (yes) or did man create God (no)?

  • God did create peopl

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  • Can Life Have Meaning Without God?

    Atheists certainly do have meaningful lives, yet that's only because their atheistic beliefs are false. A person can deny the existence of God and still have a meaningful life. But this fact no more proves that life can have meaning without God than a person who denies the existence of oxygen and still enjoys good health would prove that you can be healthy without oxygen. It only proves that people can hold beliefs at odds with reality—as if we didn't already know that.

  • God created Man

    Look at all the creatures on earth, look at all the stars in the solar system. Yet we are still the only creatures who we have ever seen who have been capable of conscious thought. The world is the exact right size, shape, temperature and make up for us. Our systems are amazing, all this points to intelligent design.

    There is much physical evidence that Jesus was real and the work he did was not the work of a man at the time. He had knowledge and ideas that he simply could not have posses in that day and age without the power of divinity.

    Miracles happen every where, every day. God is out there watching over us and he created us.

  • Man Created God

    The similarities between all the other Gods that we have created, Greek Gods, etc, parallels what we've created in this God. Perhaps there is a great creator but I don't believe it is the God we have come up with in the Bible. I definitely do not think that Jesus existed

  • So, Why Not?

    I have listened to many debates regarding the existence of God, or a creator. All of these arguments are about the material world and matter and creation. However, i listened to one debate which was different. It posed a new argument. No atheist and no materialist, can explain the wonder of information and of morals. Where did they come from? A Ferrari can not produce itself again; it needs engineers and mechanics to construct it. A computer cannot program itself; it needs a programer. Man is almost like a computer and needed something(God) to program him to do what he does.(this also goes for the copying of DNA and other things on a biological scale.) Also, morals are another problem for the opposing side. Its why people are so moved by the Boston bombing; "how could someone do such a thing?"(is what we here a lot) We know what is right and what is wrong, something that evolutionist and atheists cannot explain. For example, we know to kill a person is wrong, not because of religion or law, but because it is wrong. Information and morals go hand and hand. I would like to hear what the opposing side has to say....

  • There is absolutely no proof that God exists

    How can you believe something that there is absolutely no proof of? Do you believe in superman? No? Well then why do you believe in God? There isn't any difference. The Bible claims that the Earth is flat. Do you believe that? The bible says that the Earth is 6000 years old when there is clear evidence that it is over 4.6 billion years old. There is a big difference. It is obvious that man created God and not vice versa. People needed comfort and creating this superior 'being' was a way of acquiring that. Human beings are credulous creatures and believe anything without seeing clear evidence of it. As much as we wish that this 'God' existed, deep in our minds we know that it isn't true.

  • God was Made in Man's Image

    With no proof to back up any claim of divine intervention, it is hard to believe in any god, let alone that one (or more) made mankind or the universe. Looking at holy books and teachings, a large number of the traits, especially the flaws, of gods are human ones. Judeo-Christian teachings are especially rife with an angry and vengeful god spiting the people who wrote the book's enemies.

  • No, God did not make man.

    'God', or any other name for a cosmic guiding force, is a creation of the human mind formed to help us cope with the unknown and better relate to it. I, for example, am devout in my faith. But, I still recognize the names I choose to address are just the ones -I- feel the most comfortable with. The personification of an anthropomorphic force is a function of the human ego.

  • No, God did not make man.

    'God', or any other name for a cosmic guiding force, is a creation of the human mind formed to help us cope with the unknown and better relate to it. I, for example, am devout in my faith. But, I still recognize the names I choose to address are just the ones -I- feel the most comfortable with. The personification of an anthropomorphic force is a function of the human ego.

  • Charles Darwin made the theory of evolution

    We know that humans descended from apes and this means that God did not create man man evolved to its surroundings to survive this means that man created God as a figure to look up to. In the bible God created Adam and Eve, two people would not be able to populate the whole earth.

  • There is no proof

    In ancient times there was no science to prove what caused volcanoes to erupt, what caused earthquakes, what caused the northern lights, and all the other natural phenomena.

    People used to assume that it was a supernatural being like a god. Humans assumed that was the gods of the volcanoes that were sending messages to them, but now that we have science we don't need to assume it was a God, we have scientific evidence and proof.

    They also needed some sort of morals, hence the 10 Commandments so that they could teach their kids a way of being growing up, because they didn't have a justice system like we have now, so humans installed these 10 commandments, so that they could teach their kids a way of being.

    The Bible was just created to teach their kids away to live proper and explain natural phenomena that could not be explained. And the reason we have so many different religions - it's because there was no air travel.

    So the Middle Eastern people have their Quran, the Europeans have their Catholic Bible, the native Indians worshiped spirits in North America and have something else.

    That's why there's so many different religions because there was no telephone communications, internet, there was no air traveling - now that we have all that we can explain everything and we don't need religion.

    Science has proven what happens when you die - you rot in the ground and decompose and there is no eternal life - and people just want to hang onto this belief because they're scared. However, without death you don't have life that's why when A Forrest Burns down it comes back Greener.

  • The Human Psyche

    God is not something that you need to prove to someone. God is simply an entity that a human mind needs, to anchor himself to. It is simply a means to explain things that are inexplicable to him. It is a way for him to know that everything will be all right, and this gives him a sense of security, which in turn keeps him sane through the tough times. This anchoring "entity" is called God.

  • CREATOR not God

    Humans are an experiment on the planet Earth, started by a more advanced older specie from some other planet. Even us Humans are now at a point in our lives where we are "creating" in the sense of cloning, as well as all the genetically modified plants we have created for our food supply.
    Our Creator was just trying to clone a perfect "copy of his own specie" in the hope of making a resulting specie of his origin in order to have a better peaceful happy social life with the "resulting humanoid" he created...But we are not what he hoped for unfortunately...It may take a few billions of years more to get there...And probably never will happen...But every few millions of years some form of human life on some planet will attempt to do it...
    Just live as good as you can, with love in your heart, is the ideal way. If plants can do it, so can the animals & us humans!

  • Show Me the Evidence

    There is no evidence I am aware of that suggests the existence of a god, which cannot be explained more simply by naturalistic means. There is no evidence that humans were created by an intelligent creator, other than that which can be explained more simply by naturalistic means. In the absence of evidence for the existence of ANY gods, I have to conclude that the concept of gods sprung from human minds.

  • Evolution of religion

    The oldest forms of religion was animism, the believe that everything had spirits including rocks, trees, people, animals etc. This evolved over time to say that some spirits were more powerful spirits which led to the belief of god. The oldest organized religion recorded is the religion of the Sumerians, other middle eastern religions including Judaism stemmed from Sumer. Sumer is believed to be the first to have written language which is why I say recorded. The idea of a mono god didn't come til much later. Now there are all kinds of different religions saying different things. Most religions or polytheistic and not monotheistic so a more accurate answer would be: Man created the gods. Aside from all this, there is no evidence of the gods. Either the gods did exist and left us (as some actually believe, some even to say that they were aliens) or they never existed in the first place. What's sad is there are actual people today that still believe in a flat earth and a geocentric universe.

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