• Hillary Clinton burned more than her daily nschedules.

    Hillary Clinton is not a dumb woman. She is very smart and has political savvy. Her experience as an attorney has taught her the many intricacies of the law. With emails mysteriously being deleted and records missing, are we to assume this happened by accident. If that is the case, maybe Richard Nixon's Oval Office tap0es were also accidentally erased during the Watergate scandal. Surely that is more plausible. Hillary Clinton is trying to hide something and that cannot be disputed based on her history and pattern of lying. It is most likely connected with her using her position to solicit money fromforeign governments for which she should be charged with treason.

  • Yes, to prevent further probe.

    It is likely that Hillary Clinton may have burned some of her daily schedules as a secretary of states if what her closet aide is anything to go by. This may now contradict Clinton's statement that she only destroyed her personal emails and it further complicates the case where The Associated Press is requesting Clinton's private and public calendar and schedule.

  • No, Hillary did not "burn her daily schedules" as has been proven by NINE OFFICIAL INVESTIGATIONS

    No, Hillary did not "burn her schedules" as many uneducated, uninformed and mentally unsound people might lead you to believe (if you're dim enough to believe and/or associate with these folks). As was disclosed by the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation which, believe it or not, includes the most highly trained investigators in the United States (and arguably the world), Hillary Clinton did not intentionally misuse her servers. As many millions of users do, she periodically deleted emails or emails were purged during equipment replacement. After nine official investigations, no new information has come to light. It is time that this topic be closed once and for all.

  • Unlikely to be true

    I do not believe that it is likely that Hilary Clinton burned her daily schedules. Instead this claim was likely made in reaction to those who are saying that she has dealt with confidential issues and matters in a less than professional way. I doubt that she physically burned any documents.

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