• If the investigation has been concluded, yes.

    These were emails coming from the the U.S. Secretary of State to Benghazi, rampant territory in the Middle East where we know political and social conditions are unstable. I still don't know what she was thinking while doing this. She could have sent classified information pertaining to the United States to, ultimately, who knows where? Who gets it?

  • Yes, because the FBI admitted that those who commited similar acts could face harsher punishment recommendations.

    The FBI helped Clinton get off easy concerning her careless use and storage of classified information. FBI director Jame Comey admitted that Clinton was guilty of using and storing classified information in inappropriate ways that could have endangered the nation's security. He also conceded that more serious punishments could be recommended to other individuals who committed the same acts as Clinton. In light of this, his recommendation that Clinton not face appropriate criminal charges seems suspicious, and strongly suggests that Hillary Clinton got off much easier than most other people would have in similar cases.

  • Yes, she got off easy

    Hillary Clinton does not deserve to get off as easily as she did. After a thorough FBI investigation, it should have been determined that she was an unfit Secretary of Defense, and that she will likely be an unfit President as well. She ought to receive a prison sentence for breaking federal law.

  • They are still hammering at her

    The Republicans employed a strategy of throwing anything at the wall to see what sticks and to their surprise the emails were the one thing the American public were riveted to. Benghazi didn't hold their attention but Hillary Clinton's emails were something they could use to speak to her deception. Unfortunately they put politics above their country and their lust for greed and power. What they got were frustrations from their own electorate which has led to a divisive candidate. Good job guys for yet again putting our country at risk. Remember shutting down the government? We didn't.

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