• Proven but not charged

    Nearly, if not exactly, 2000 emails containing classified information were tranamitted via private servers. Although it was denied at first, future investigations into her emails revealed 4 out of the 40 emails scanned featured classified information. I cannot speak for one's political reputation, but such carelessness by any high-ranking official shouldn't be acceptable.

  • Absolutely mishandled classified info.

    This is the most corrupt person I have seen in my existence. Oops my bad her husband rapes women, so he may be at least just as bad. Maybe Huma Abedin has been assaulted by Bill... Nah scratch that by Hitlery for sure. This is the most vial women I have ever seen in politics. Not only has she been so negligent in her time as Secretary but also gets good people killed. Good job America, you get what you VOTE for.

  • Once Upon A Private Server

    Thanks to a private mail server and the apparent forgetfulness of protocols for handling classified information Hillary Clinton has jeopardized unknown how many operations and lives. A verbal slap on the hand is not sufficient for this type of failure of judgement. As stated by Comey and others it is clear Clinton mishandled classified information without significant retribution.

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information.

    Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information by using a private email server while secretary of state. Clinton used a private server to send and receive classified emails, which is against the law. Furthermore, Clinton's email server was maintained by a private technology company that did not hold a government security clearance. Gen. Petraeus was convicted of mishandling classified information; and his crimes were considered less serious than Clinton's by many.

  • Grossly Mishandled Classified Information

    Yes, it seems Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information. It is a huge disappointment to hear FBI director Comey so clearly lay out the incidents of classified information being transmitted through private email servers. It would be reasonable to expect that the U.S. Secretary of State and their staff would understand the importance of classified information and take greater care to protect it.

  • No, no proof of that.

    Hillary Clinton did not mishandle classified information. This is a just a false accusation raised by her political opponents to distract people from the real issues in the campaigns. The FBI have given her a clean bill of health untrue to say that she mishandled classified information without providing supporting evidence.

  • I love hillary's cock

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