• He earned it

    Yes, Ken Griffey Jr. earned his place in the Baseball Hall of Fame. From his number one draft pick to his thirteen All-Star selections and ten Golden Glove Awards, Griffey Jr. demonstrated a tremendous athletic ability. In addition, he added to the game of baseball through his notoriety. The fact that he played successfully with his father added a new interest and excitement to the game, a notable contribution.

  • Ken Griffey Jr. earns highest percentage of vote in Hall of Fame history

    baseball had a sense of humor it would allow Ken Griffey Jr. to wear his cap backward on his Hall of Fame plaque.

    No one played the game with as much style and joy as Griffey, who breezed into the Hall on Wednesday with a record 99.3 percent of the votes from the Baseball Writers Association of America, joining Mike Piazza in the Class of 2016.

    Griffey surpassed Tom Seaver's record of 98.84 percent of the votes in 1992, missing out on only three of the 440 ballots.

    "To have the highest percentage is a shock," Griffey said, adding he was not upset at the three who left him off.

  • Ken Griffey, Jr. is Arguably the Most Qualified HOF Entry Ever

    Numbers never (or at least rarely) lie: Junior was selected by all but three voters to go to Cooperstown. And to be honest, those three nameless individuals have been rightfully ridiculed in the months since the vote occurred. Besides the actual vote tally, though, are Junior's actual numbers. Griffy hit at a .284 clip throughout his career with 630 home runs, 2781 hits, 1836 RBI, and 184 stolen bases, just to name a few of his standout statistics. Beyond the numbers, Junior was larger than life. His smile at the bottom of the dog pile at home plate after Edgar Martinez's double down the left field line sent them to the ALCS in 1995 was one of the best baseball moments in the 1990s, and that smile appeared all over outfields across the country as Junior ran down fly balls and spidermanned across walls.

  • Yes, he earned his place in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

    Ken Griffey Jr. is considered one of baseball's all-time-greatest players. He enjoyed a phenomenal career with remarkable stats. The Baseball Hall of Fame is only reserved for the game's greatest players; many good players never get inducted. Ken Griffey Jr. most definitely earned his spot in the prestigious Baseball Hall of Fame.

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