• Yes, there was a lot of attention

    I think that it brought a lot of attention to the subject. Even if some of the publicity was not good, it still brought this problem to light. I had no idea what was going on until I watched the video. It was the same way for my wife. I think that the world is well aware of KONY now.

  • Too easy.

    The point of the Kony video was to bring light to the subject of what Kony did to children and it succeed in that, but the failure out weighs any good that came from the campaign the main point was to bring Kony to justice, but it didn't happen he is still somewhere in the African rain forests still committing crimes. Campaign was to stop Kony, Kony hasn't stopped. End of story.

  • No I don't think it made a true difference

    It might have shed more light on a subject that needed it exposed, the end of the day, the status quo marches on with the truth quickly forgotten by most people. The abuses will continue, the sex slavery will keep going and not much will change. I firmly believe the only way things will ever change, on a nationwide scale or global both, is if we force it to. So no I don't think KONY 2012 made a real difference because we are still being passive.

  • He's still at large.

    I don't think KONY 2012 ultimately did much of anything. Joseph Kony remains at large, after all. The film got a lot of views, but, beyond that, not very much happened. There was no widespread international outcry to bring him to justice, and there was certainly no actual action taken against him.

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